What to do when no Codec Info is present

I have a few albums that have no codec info, how can I fix that?

What kind of codec are they supposed to have?
For MP3 files you could use utilities like foobar2000, mp3val and/or mp3diags.

In many cases, a missing codec info means that the files are corrupt/broken.

They are MP3s that download, upload and play fine. They just don't read in MP3Tag.

And it seems we can't upload screenshots or multiple files... keeps saying saving!

was going to send you an mp3 but the extensions are restricted.

So waht does the check with one of the utilities say?
(You may have noticed that the length is also supposed to be 0 - so it looks like the header is broken.)

You would have to check then locally anyway. The mentioned utilities are freeware at the time of this post.

The last screendump shows codec information - so everything is fine now?

Hi all.

I went Googling for an answer, and this topic came up.
I know it is a bit old, but it very relevant to my question.

Sometimes I purchase FLAC music from zdigital.
The only problem is, they never have codec information present. It is just blank.

I have been using mp3tag for years, but I have also used Tag&Rename from time to time, and if Tag&Rename finds empty codec information, it automatically adds Tag&Rename as the codec version. That's even worse.

I have been looking for software to that can edit this.
It's a shame that mp3tag cannot do it.

I have seen that someone posted a program called MP3 Diags, but it doesn't support FLAC.
Any ideas?

Thank you...

PS: I also found an older topic about it here titled Codec / Version.