Where are new tags saved?

OK, absolute newbie here...I have managed to change 2 tags, I saved them, now where does Mp3tag save them? Can't locate them. Duh, on me. Once found, how do I replace the old file with the new one?

In the file you had selected at the time.

You don't need to.

Tags are saved INSIDE the actual audio file. Old tags are replaced with new tags inside the audio file itself.

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In the file you had selected at the time.
Thanks for your reply, Chris. I think I get it, but I don't see my changes in the right side panel and if I go back to the same file and reopen it in Mp3tag, the details are the same "old" information, not my new changes. Can you please elaborate?

Thanks for your reply, garym. I still don't quite get it... see my reply to Chris.

something odd is going on. Are you sure you don't have more that one type of tag within a single file. That is possible (but not a good idea). Create a custom column, right click on column, create custom, give it name TAG TYPE, and then use this as the "value"

%_tag_read%[ (%_tag%)]

also note after you make the tag changes, you do have to click the SAVE icon when editing tags.

Also in Mp3tag go to Tools > Tags > Mpeg and make sure the box "ID3v2" is checked under "Write".

Yes, I made my change in the tag panel (left panel, wright?) and my change was the track number only.

Thanks for your reply, stanman. I checked my settings and the ID3v3 was checked.

did you ever confirm that you have only ONE type of tag within the file (as one could have APE, ID3V2 and ID3v1 all in the same file). See my earlier post on how to check.

Get MP3 Diags and scan the Mp3 file to see what shows up.

It could be you have two (or more) ID3v2.3 tags on the file and Mp3tag will only show one of them. You're supposed to only have one ID3v2.3 tag on the file, but sometimes by using two or more different tagging programs you can end up with more than one.

If that is the problem, you can fix it with MP3 Diags or with Mp3tag by doing a "Tag Cut" and then a "Tag Paste". Mp3tag will only write one ID3v2.3 tag to the file.

As suggested by garym, I have checked and the two files I want to edit are MP4 tags while all the others are ID3v2.3 (!). Never noticed that before and don't have a clue what they mean. Have attached screen shots.

not sure what an mp4 tag is. (are these itunes files or AAC files?). Also, on your tag settings, under the REMOVE section, tick all the options OTHER THAN ID3v2.3

Thanks, stanman. I didn't see a 64bit version of MP3 Diags so I wasn't sure about downloading and trying the 32bit version. At any rate I did post some add'l info (see post #13). Hope that helps. Also these files are in the iTunes Music directory.

fix your remove settings as I indicated above. Then select/highlight those files and click the big red X on the upper menu bar in mp3tag. This will remove any other tags and keep only the id3v2.3 tag. However, I'm thinking that these files are NOT mp3 files to begin with. I suspect they are m4a or AAC files.

A MP4 tag means that it is an audio-visual (AV) file (MPEG-4) not an audio file (MPEG-3)

You were correct, they were M4a. I have converted them to mp3 and replaced them in the target folder. When I did, Mp3tag immediately saw them with my correction! I also noticed that after my conversion to mp3, the tag type changed to IP3v2.4 on cuts 7 and 11(screen shop attached). Again, not sure what that means.

Oh, and I don't see any red X on the upper menu bar (screen shot attached). Thank you so much for your suggestions and comments.

Thanks, Chris. You were correct...see my post #18...and thanks for you comments and suggestions.

The "X" is the second icon from the left in your third picture (just to the right of the disk icon (save)). It may not be red unless files are selected and highlighted.

p.s. it appears that many of your files have both ID3v1 and ID3v2. Won't hurt, but sometimes this can cause issues (edit one of them but not both and then get differences in tags). Modern players rarely ever need to see ID3v1 tags. In my own case, I deleted all the Id3v1 tags. Load up all the files, select all. click SAVE, then select all and click the X. This will follow the rules setup in your mp3 tag settings (read ID3v2.3, write Id3v2.3, remove all but Id3v2.3)