Which program to use to replace iTunes

Interesting, I always have used sort fields to keep an album/artist together. Maybe I do this just because iTunes provide this options & I have been managing my library for more than 15 years with iTunes.
Now iTunes is dead. Music app is its replacement but is designed for other purposes but not for managing a local library.

All I want to do is to keep the same search features I do on iTunes without using iTunes something I realize now that I should have done since the very first moment.

I was not aware of this

But my library is for djying. DJ software supports MIXARTIST & PUBLISHER & do not support ALBUMARTIST.

I am not going to delete ALBUMARTIST data. I will keep it until I am sure the new tagging system works well enought. So for some time I will be tagging tracks in 2 different systems at the same time.

BTW, what media player & media library software do you recommend to use? Or do you recommend to use a software for each function: one for managing the library & another one to play the music? I guess MP3tg in combination with a media player works enough well.

The sort fields help iTunes to show specific Albums, Artists, Composers, etc. in the browser display as you wish. A fringe benefit is the ability for iTunes to also use these to potentially separate titles, but this is only within iTunes' library. The ALBUMARTIST field is still essential for almost all other players to separate ALBUMs that have the same name, i. e. Greatest Hits as a very common example.

You can continue to use iTunes as a player if you wish. For the PC it continues to work as it did previously for local music, video, and movie files. I still use it myself, for now, to serve my local media to several AppleTV devices I have throughout the house.

I think you will find you need to keep these separate. I don't use any DJ software myself, but from the previous threads here I find there is a distinct requirement that you will need for your DJ requirements, while as a personal player there a features more tailored from traditional player programs.

There are several other music player options for PC that are equal to the task or better, look at MusicBee or Foobar as a start to see if they meet your needs. Both can support the additional MIXARTIST & PUBLISHER metadata tags you want to use as well, with some configuration tweaks.

I continue to manage all of my metadata tagging and editing with mp3tag, it is far more powerful than any player's editor IMO.

I use MusicBee, which can sort and group according to the tags. Much more powerful than iTunes.

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+1 for MusicBee.
Still snappy with my collection, great software. Custom tags, smart filters etc. are all achievable if you want to dive into the configuration. I've seen impressively unique approaches in MusicBee where people tailored the entire UI to their specific style and needs.
And if you're into lyrics, give this plugin a shot. I still edit tags with mp3tag tho.

I see... i understand, thanks

Yeah I know but I do not really use iTunes to Play music but for managing the library, tagging, etc.

I do not need to keep it seperated but to seperate it. They are already in the same field ALBUMARTIST & I would like to split in 2 fields.

Interesting but not a win user. MusicBee looks like it is just win, will test Foobar. Can you confirm it uses all 3 fields? (MIXARTIST, PUBLISHER & ALBUMARTIST)

Well, I do not like Mp3tag do not open the tracks I threw on it but scan the tracks in a folder. If I have 30k songs in a folder but I just want to edit one of it I have to open all the 30k tracks or I am missing something?

Thanks for your comments.

So you combine MusicBee & Mp3Tag?

I guess you are win user too.

You drag&drop a single file from either iTunes or the file explorer into MP3tag without the need to load all the other files in the folder or in subordinate folders.

No point using two different programs to do the same thing. Either use iTunes' limited ability to handle your tagging needs, or use the flexibility of mp3tag. IMO using both will probably cause some library chaos and even more likely severe user headaches.

I'll need some additional clarity here, this doesn't make sense the way it has come out here. You can always leave a field with anything you want displ;ayed, including ALBUMARTIST. You can easily manipulate the data from this field and copy some or all parts to other fields manually, or using a FORMAT or ACTION.

This is the first you have mentioned not using Windows. AFAIK you can still use Foobar on the Mac platform with most if not all of the same functionality. MusicBee is a Windows-only program.