Which system fonts can be removed from Windows 10 without affecting Mp3tag appearance? [And how?]

[This question should probably go straight to @Florian]

How does Mp3tag draw all those triangles in menus and such? What font is responsible for all that graphics glyphs used in it?

I am asking because I am trying to clean the ridiculously long list of mostly [at least for me] useless and counterproductive fonts that comes with Windows 10. Many of them are system protected- so even with font managers, registry hacks and by the means of taking ownership of theirs files / folders they are [in my experience] impossible to remove from the system. Except for a simplistic way of running the drive with the system in question under another system as an ordinary drive- so that deleting files from a location like D:\Windows\Fonts is done normally [because the path does not start with the "C" anymore]; and then going back to using that drive to boot system from

But that is tricky [thence the used by me term "simplistic" and not "simple"] because:

A] there are hundreds of files

B] many of them have filenames that are uninformative

C] some are really needed by the system; as my problem shows

And that latter one is because I constantly end up having my Mp3tag showing me in the Actions drop down menu an "8" instead of the usual triangle filled up with blackness pointing to the right ["▶"] or some wave-like-line, depending on how much / what I remove. Sometimes I even messed up symbols in other places- but after many tries I managed to narrow down the problem to mostly Mp3tag menus. And what is interesting, for example the FreeCommander at the same time has no problems with drawing such elements [as it apparently uses some other glyphs]

And yes I tried leaving / removing obvious fonts like "system", "webdings or "ARIALUNI"- and empirically came to a conclusion that these are not the ones I am looking for. I also left alone files like "StaticCache.dat" and "fms_metadata.xml"- and from the very beginning of my tryouts, may I add. And also I used the method of removing all the files that start with the same letter, so that I would narrow down the search to a block of files for a further pin pointing- and that is when it stopped making sense, as I got opposing results when compared to my initial results

And a note of warning- such tampering should not be performed without a copy of the system. Because as it comes out, even when I re-installed all the fonts [or should I say files] back to C:\Windows\Fonts, the glitches were no gone. I can reset the system, use the re-installed fonts for writing in whatever software and even see them in Settings of the OS- but the problem of inadequate signs remains [yes : I have a copy of the system- when searching for culprits I was constantly switching between 2 or even 3 drives]

[And I am sorry for not looking into my other recent posts - but the little time I have now I am using up for dealing with such problems like this one on my new operating system]

I have no idea why someone should spend a minute to remove some OS fonts...
But here is a list from MS for Windows 10:

Because you are a kind of a graphic designer that often uses engraving lasers and milling cutters and every time have to scroll a list of 150 fonts when getting to these few that you really use and which you must use because the machines have certain technical limitations?

Because you want to load up multiple fonts with diacritic signs of you native langue but do not want to expand the list from 150 to 200 fonts?

Because the last time you used Comic Sans was around the year 2000 and to your astonishment not only in Windows 10 is there this abomination, but also an italized version of it called MV Boli?

I will be getting a new machine with Windows 10, which is suppose to have as little fonts installed as possible. That way I should be able to copy the fonts from that new system to my current system

If this does not work I will probably go through that list