Win 10 Not Displaying The Same Tags in Two Different Files

I am using Win 10 x64.
I have all my music on one dedicated hard drive with folders as 'artist - album' and the music files in each folder.
All the folders are set up as 'Optimise this folder for: Music'.
Explorer is not listing the tag data for files which have similar tags set such as 'Title'.
The files with missing tag lists play fine.
If I swap the tags by 'copy tags' 'paste tags' the files which don't display them still don't, while those that did display the new ones.
Foobar 'File Integrity' reports no problems, and they display the tag data and play everywhere and I have tried.
The tags are also present on other tag editors.
It's just that for some reason Win 10 doesn't want to display the file data for every file.
As I don't believe the files and tags are faulty, this must be an issue with Win 10.
Does anyone know a work around for Win 10, or anything else, I could try?

As the problematic files are falc files, see e.g. here:

There are some more threads about this problem. They all end up with: Windows problem if tag fields exceed a certain length.
Also consider to update to the latest MP3tag version and rewrite the files as there is a problem with the picture position:

CHG: VorbisComment block is now always written before Picture block for FLAC as a workaround for an issue in Windows. (#53554)

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Regarding the 'certain length requirement' I don't think that a track number '02' would fall outside the parameter when track '01' and track '03 display correctly.

I have upgraded to version 3.07a.
Would you please clarify what you mean by 'rewrite the files'.

Press Ctrl-S to save.
Updating MP3tag alone does not modify the file structure where the picture data may irritate the displaying program. So the file has to be re-written to write the new file structure.

Thanks for the help.
Now using version 3.08.
Rewriting makes no difference.
As the files and tags work everywhere I have tried them, I believe the issue may be Windows related.

There were also reports of Windows having problems with excess padding in FLAC files. See this topic for a slightly technical way of removing the padding

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It works!
The image size may need to be reduced: 800x800 is ok: I use this as default as its the biggest size my cars will take.
3000x3000 is not ok: missed some image resizing, but why would you need such a big size anyway?
Many, many thanks Florian for this workaround and for MP3Tag.

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