Win10 Store App does not add Explorer extension

Awesome that you've got this on the store - really useful simply to allow auto-update to be implemented so I don't have to worry about managing updates across the machines I have this on at home!

I've tried installing/uninstalling a couple of times and it looks like the Win10 store app does not setup the File Explorer extension as the stand-alone version provided.

I can understand this not being easy/available during installation with the Windows 10 Store rules, but if not possible during install, is there a way to offer this in the Options within the programme so that you can easily add/remove the explorer extension from there?


It's on my internal wish list. It's not as straight-forward as with the normal install, but I think it's doable for a future update.


I thought it was doable. However, after looking into it I've learned that the API for this is quite limited. For Microsoft Store apps, context-menu entries are only shown if the app is the default for the given file extension.

This means that if I would add support for that, Mp3tag needs to be set as the default app for, e.g., *.mp3 files — and I think this is a little bit over the top. While I certainly love my app, I think the default app for any given audio file should be the player.

I've cast my vote at this Windows Developer UserVoice proposal and hope that this will be improved with a future version of Windows. Till then, I'll probably continue collecting negative ratings on the Microsoft Store due to missing support for the Explorer context-menu.

Or you could stop/suspend investing time in a highly overrated platform with limited functionality. :innocent:

Is it not possible to add the capability to enable/disable the context menu within the app itself rather than using the installer process? I suspect that WinZip (the full app not the UWP) in the store deals with the issue in this way. If you could do it this way, you could have this option across both the installer version and the store version which would be a good thing in itself.

The version available via the Microsoft Store now also comes with a context-menu extension starting with v3.11b.

Excellent news - now it will look after itself for updates :slight_smile: Thanks for this Florian!

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