Windows Explorer does not show tag data

First: I don't know if this issue is the same or similar to what is being discussed here if not please let me know. I've had an issue with Windows 10 for awhile but I'm now reporting it. I am entering all my tag info the way I've always have (BTW: version 3.17 and maybe a couple versions earlier)
but now Windows File Explorer and Windows Media Player does not show any tag info. It's not carried over into the File Explorer Details Tab or displayed in the file name. Could this issue be connected to what's described here? ALSO: even all older tags that were made back when Windows worked have the same issue.


This has nothing to do with the context menu.

What kind of files are these? MP3? MP4? FLAC? WAV?
Which tag version do you write? (2.3? 2.4? 1?)

These are MP3 and flac files. The 'Tag' label on the albums I checked all seem to be coming up as 'ID3v (ID3v1 ID3v2.3)'. The flac's are 'FLAC (FLAC)'.


FLAC files and the windows explorer are a story of their own.
Have you checked the mp3 files for integrity?

Have you tried rebuilding the WMP database? It keeps its its own tag data database, and sometimes won't read the new data. I've had this problem several times and have had to rebuild the database. I navigate to C:\Users\my_user_name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Media Player. There are a number of *.wmdb files there. Create a backup folder and move those files there. Next time you start WMP, it will rebuild the database, reading the info from the mp3 files.

WMP will assume one of your optional plug-ins crashed and will unload all your plugins. If you have any custom plug-ins, make a list so you can easily reinstall them.

Alternatively, delete the files without metadata from WMP but only from the library.
Then select the function to restore deleted library elements.

I don't think, though, that the WMP library has a lot to do with WE not showing metadata.

The OP said,

You wouldn't think that WE uses the WMP's database to divine the MP3 tags, but they seem to fail together.

I think you can see MP3 metadata without ever having startet WMP and without that data being present in the WMP database.
You are right in that respect (I think) that WMP and WE use the same functions to get the metadata.

That is why it would be interesting to see what the test with the checking program reveals.

Thanks for the responses!
I have downloaded and ran 'MP3 Diags' not sure what a lot of this info means but I do have a complete chart from that app. I have always avoided using WMP's tagging methods because I like to catalog Artist names "last_name, first_name" and other entries that WMP doesn't use. Also, I still use the same tag format that i've always used and never had a problem in WMP or File Explorer (and the Detail tab in Properties) and during playback (in the upper left corner of the WMP screen during Now Playing mode).

I just realized something else. When I first start WMP the tag info is displayed (in the upper left corner of the WMP screen during Now Playing mode) like it should BUT after the info is displayed once (Song title > performer > album > composer) the Song List and the upper left display reverts to just the file name (for the remainder of the first song and all the remaining song on the list chosen).

I am not sure how your information helps anyone who cannot look over your shoulder.
For us bystanders, the information from MP3diags would have been quite interesting just to make sure that the files are ok.
Any unknown streams should be an alarm signal.
If it is clear that the files are OK, then it boils down to a player problem ... and WMP ist definitely not the best one to tweak and twiddle.

If you see only the filename - does this apply to all files or just flac files?
Are these files in the watched folders?

What happened when you applied at least the method to delete the files from the WMP library and then restore them immediately again?

Yes. I did move out the WMDB files and it doesn't work either.
Like you mentioned I'm thinking (based on my very limited knowledge) it is probably Windows, not only the player but maybe an issue with the OS (since the problem occurs in File Explorer also). I will try another player and see if it works. I have always used WMP because it has never given a problem in the past and it just saves installing a new player. If you come up with any other suggestions I'm open to it.

Thanks again

Actually, I do not think that it is really a player problem but a file problem.
And that is why a screenshot from MP3diags for 1 file that does not behave would be really helpful.

I haven’t used WMP in many years. Especially not since I have done the last few windows installs. But I do use Explorer, and those details are shown when the columns are enabled. So this has nothing to do with WMP.

You may need to refresh the folder using the right-click option after any changes, worst case. But no other database files are involved to the best of my knowledge.

On the Windows platform, you can try Foobar2000 or MusicBee to see if they support your requirements. Heck, even iTunes performs better than WMP in many ways. And if you are using the local library for networking you can look at Asset or Plex.

I have about 22,000 Files and they all behave the same. Here is one example with a number of issues.

I will upload more if needed. But all of my song files have different issues. Some with 1 or 2 all the way up to what is shown here.

As I suspected: streams with problems.
So I would suggest that you attempt to repair the files with the hammers in the tool bar.

Then see what the Windows Explorer does.

Sorry for the lengthy delay:

A Progress followup:

I went down the list (a good portion anyway) and fixed (as best as I could) and even though I didn't completely get to all tracks with faults the original problem is fixed, for the entire song collection. File Explorer shows all the Tag info and WMP is displaying that info properly. Thanks so much for the help. MP3 Diags is great. I totally endorse it!

Thanks again!