WMP 12 for Windows 7 stopped connecting to metadata

Today, June 7, 2019, Windows Media Player 12.0 for Windows 7 finally stopped downloading metatag data for ripped CDs to my computer. Their intent is to force everyone still on Windows 7 to switch to Windows 10, which still rips CDs with all the metadata. You can still rip CDs with WMP in Windows 7 as usual, but they go into an unknown artist folder and the album is called an unknown album, and there is now no song title info. Each track is designated Track 01, Track 02, etc. I tried finding another good and free ripping program on the internet, and was disappointed in what was out there. MP3Tag is a lifesaver Duplicating what WMP used to do is straightforward and took me literally 5 minutes to figure out (I never did this with MP3Tag before). After ripping, load all the tracks into MP3Tag, which lets you download the metadata (Album info, song titles, etc.) from databases on the Internet. I used MusicBrainz. The album I ripped had many versions, and MusicBrainz listed pretty much all of them. My specific version was in the list. I clicked on it and started the download. The song titles downloaded perfectly for each track. Then I used MP3tag to create new filenames, in one shot, for each track using the track number and song title information. It worked like a charm. Just a few more steps than WMP, and WMP frequently had problems downloading the correct info. MP3Tag does a better job!!!