Writing mediamonkey custom tags


Mediamonkey supports 3 custom tags.

Using COMMENT SONGS-DB_CUSTOM1 for tag number 1, I can see the tag in mp3tag, but if I change it, it doesn't get written to the file.

Any hints as to what I'm doing wrong??




Where in Mp3tag do you edit the tag ?


Well, if I understand you question, I have a field defined by options>tag panel.

The field is called "class" (meaningful to me) and the field is "COMMENT SONGS-DB_CUSTOM1"

I edit in the panel to the left of the file listing. The same place I edit most other fields unless I'm doing a find/replace.

I also have a column defined as "%COMMENT Songs-DB_Custom1%", but I don't normally edit this, just display. The two values display and change together, so apparently mp3tag relates them.

Its just that looking at "Custom field 1" in mediamonkey, the two don't seem to track. Or to be more specific, mp3tag shows the value that I set in mediamonkey, but changing it in mp3tag isn't reflected in mm.

I'm not sure, but it seems that mp3tag reads the field, but never writes it. Doing a "save" in mp3tag doesn't seem to make a difference.


Works perfectly fine, I edit MediaMonkey's custom fields in MP3Tag all the time. You need to rescan the files or use the File Monitor feature (which is a Gold Only feature) in MediaMonkey for it to pick up the changes.