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I just stumble across this track level metadata goldmine:

It includes lyrics and a very rich list of contributors. I was wondering if it is possible to pull a page per track and if so has anyone tried pulling this data yet?

It is the same data that is available from by 4.0 version. But to include it in the previous version requires a second load of a web page per track, which MP3Tag does not support.

Awesome! I didn't realize the 4.0 script was already pulling it. I'll have to take a look. Thanks!.

I uploaded a new version for the 4.0. I have added a certificate and key for use on your local machine, it is valid for a month. So it should be possible to run the python script.
It is not CA signed, so you will likely have to authorize it in your OS.
If you have an Apple Music media-user-token you can add it in the Python script, so you can get the lyrics as well.

@AreDigg we are using the script but most of them dont bother to post or reply here. If you are really leaving this api project ,would you mind giving us a detail steps on how to setup and update the api? i am learning react and i wish to contribute but its gona take some months to learn to do anything with react(since im a beginner) .

i added my media user token to the python script but i don't see an option to download or get the lyrics, i'm missing something? and if it's possible download lyrics as lrc instead ttml

For now the script will copy the data received straight to the UNSYNCEDLYRICS tag. You will also have to edit line 6 to the local store that your account "belongs". So if your Apple Music was signed up in Germany, you will have to change us to de.

Got it, thanks for your reply and for share a certificate, finally I can edit composer and production tags much quicker

Apple Music v3.10
I did not tag for some time and so not used your apple script for some time too..
I notice now, that the script gives me no result for ALBUMARTIST anymore.
The iTunes API script still delivers ALBUMARTIST

It does if you don't check the use natural title in the settings. Apple removed the other tag I used for natural names, but I will make a change so it should still work.

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Updated the v3 script, with some prefs and fixes

Using the iTunes API web source, is there a way to trim the RELEASETIME tag to YYYY-MM-DD directly in the script?

I get a syntax error in the settings
The log says:
ERROR(Settings): expected '"' in object, got '}' (125)

I'm also receiving the same error message.

For whatever reason, this script just can't handle any albums whose OutputTo "ALBUMARTIST" is "Various Artists." I don't get an error message or anything. The script simply completely ignores it. This only occurs with "Various Artists"; explicitly identified artists go through as normal.
Additionally, while it's very easy to create an OutputTo "ARTISTSORT" and OutputTo "COMPOSERSORT", I have absolutely no clue how to get OutputTo "ALBUMARTISTSORT" to work. Can anyone help me with that?

This is because of some small syntax errors in &Apple Music#Settings….settings. Please see a corrected version attached to this post with removed trailing comma at lines 142, 206, 270, 334, and 398.

&Apple Music#Settings….settings.zip (3.4 KB)


Thank you so much! :pray:

Thanks for spotting this, I have now uploaded a fixed version. Before it was easily to spot errors in the JSON (error message, or no settings at all), but now I got nothing. But I guess I will use a validator before uploading going forward.

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You can where it is writing to the tag use SayNChars 10 instead of SayRest.

What is the problem you have?