[WS] Apple Music

Thanks AreDigg. The script works again.

There is something that maybe a general dilemma in getting composer and lyricist.
I don't know how the information on the Apple-site is structured, i.e. if they distinguish between both, but I noticed that with your script both seem to be always combined in the field COMPOSER.

@vikaesar has made a Deezer script:
and distinguishes between COMPOSER and LYRICIST. Where the websource is maybe not so clear he seems to use INVOLVEDPEOPLE to combine these.

Apple do not distinguish composers and lyricists. And as long as the Apple Music or iTunes app have support for that field, I don't expect them to, unless that changes.

If you have a release where knowing the lyricist (or another field) is important, I could check if there is more metadata available and add it to the script.

I've been trying to extract the country code from the Apple Music script without luck. It looks like the only place it is available is in the storefronts data, which I am having issues accessing. Would you be able to suggest where in the script and how I might be able to pull and write the two letter country code?