[WS] Apple Music

Nice update, and since we're talking ab music videos, apple script provides mv thumbnails seprately from the album cover, is there a way to import multiple covers at once ?

Thank you so much for the good job bro. Keep it up!!

I guess it is possible. Some releases do have several kinds of artwork. But how the script system work you have to load one for each file. And I think you can only have one image per file as it is now.

How can I reduce the year to 4 digit?
regexpreplace does not work right? I tested it

Have you been working on the iTunes API, by any chance? I wonder if you can make it capture the "composer" tag the way the Apple Music source file can.

The iTunes API does not contains a composer field.

Hello AreDigg, Thank you for this amazing script. The best iTunes script discovered so far which writes extended tags too.

I hope you maintain this script forever.

Both scripts show a wrong length if the length is only a few seconds. The scripts then show a length of more than an hour.


What I have to keep in the script to have just the composers ? I prefer the iTunes Store script for the rest but does not fill this box..

It seem to be something that Mp3Tag is doing. The duration of your last track is 4173 ms and that is what the script gets from Apple. I guess some logic says that lower numbers are not expected to be milliseconds, maybe @Florian can tell more?

Yes, usually I'm assuming seconds for the length from Tag Sources. Currently, if the provided length is longer than an undocumented threshold, I'm assuming milliseconds.

Seems like this heuristic works in most cases, but not all.