[WS] Apple Music

In case of multiple hits both scripts sometimes say not so seldom there is 1 track more than is actually available in the album and is also shown by Apple for the album.

Is this inevitable because Apple gives a wrong result somewhere or could it be corrected by changing the script?

Lady Gaga - Chromatica (17 instead of 16)
Lady Gaga - Born this way (15 instead of 14)
Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon (15 instead of 14)
Lana de Rey - Lust for Life (17 instead of 16)

The extra track is the digital booklet included when you purchase the album from iTunes

I am wondering whether Apple is otherwise providing information about the existence of a digital booklet and whether this can be queried at this stage of the script. In those cases, the number of total tracks on an album could possibly be reduced by 1.

The query is done via iTunes, which have usually the same contents as AM, but sometimes it is slightly different. Usually as Ouargui says a booklet or interview or similar. There is very little to do about this, as mp3tag web scripts are fairly simple, first a query part and then a processing part. It is not possible to do a subsequent query on the query.

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I was just tweaking the scripts for my needs (Thanks again for all your work developing both scripts) and I came across what I think is a small bug (very small - I expect it doesn't impact most sessions and even then most people will not even notice.) That said, I thought it was worth calling out, in the interest of giving back.

Using the itunes script, as an example. The script drops the "(Remastered)" qualifier at the end of album titles, at least for the purpose of the album tag. It does so using this code:
SayUntil "(Remastered)" |

Based on what I am seeing I suspect this will most likely leave a space at the end of the updated album title. So, if you have an album titled: "My Fav Album (Remastered)" the script will tag the track with the album title: "My Fav Album ". Notice the space at the end. An update to the script:
SayUntil " (Remastered)" |

should address this issue. That said, I think the same approach is taken in a few places in both the itunes and apple music scripts, so it would be worth a scrub. Again - this is a very edge case bug that most people will never notice and for existing tracks that have already been updated any errors can easily corrected with a batch action using the trim function, but, I thought it was worth calling out for the ocd users (which I expect may be higher than average in a forum that focuses on metadata completion) like me.