[WS] Beatport.com by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging]

Yeah. The Direct scripts shouldn't have that. :woozy_face: will fix later this evening. This is what I get for doing a replace all in files and not fully testing. Thanks for reporting.


Strangely, even with the latest version, I no longer get any search results ("No search results were found").

When I search with the Beatport release ID, I only get an empty window (see picture). But the link below redirects to the correct page (
https://www.beatport.com/release/releases/4114365). Does anyone have an idea what this could be?

Can you state which of the various scripts you're using and what input you're using for searching?


v6.003 2023.08.03

  • FIX: +%s needed to be %s in DIRECT .src files.

I tried

  • (Album)Interpret + Release
  • (Album)Interpret
  • Release

with "Emma Hewitt" as Interpret and/or "Everlasting" as release. None of them gave me results.
v6.003 also does not work for me. I'm using mp3tag v3.21 (newest version).

Is it the latest beta or exact version greater than what's mentioned in the starting post?

Edit. This is the one you want

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Mp3tag's version checker tricked me, seems my version 3.21 was outdated. Now it is working with beta version 3.21f :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

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There's a new feature being added which I requested to inform users if the version of mp3tag is wrong. Will work for pc and mac.

Hi Steve,

Why doesn't this version show all tracks from a certain release when I only have a few tracks from that same release?
In previous versions, when I searched for a release that I wanted to tag just a few tracks from that release, the all tracks always appeared and I matched the positions of the tracks I wanted to tag.

Which script? Example release?

yes in the 'release' script

Need url.. Bank Holiday here :beers: so won't have a fix for couple of days if broken.

here's an example:


The release has 6 tracks:

on earlier releases always show all tracks of the release and i choose which to tag

Any way to fix it?


Don't think you're using the latest version of the scripts. Yours only says v6.0.

still doing the same with the latest version Steve

Try the unmodified downloaded version. You've modified the code as the amount of tags should be more than that.

damn... ure right Steve

how will i know what i messed up? damn :smiling_face_with_tear:

I already compared both codes (yours and mine modified) and i only disabled the unwanted tags... this shoudnt messed up with the result :frowning:

Start by testing your changes one by one. Would help to use vscode compare built in diff tool or sublime text plugin to see the differences between two files. Or use WinMerge. A file diff tool.

Use the set fns at the bottom. Not the outputto lines.

already compared both files and theres nothing suspicious on it
Beatport by &stevehero v6_Release Direct.zip (5.1 KB)