[WS] Beatport.com by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging]

I don't speak German but translate this.

Go to the install directory of your mp3tag and place the files here.


Usually you get to the following directory when you type %AppData% in the address bar of Windows Explorer:
There you should find the subfolder

Normalerweise gelangst du zu folgendem Verzeichnis, wenn du %AppData% in die Adressleiste von Windows Explorer eingibst:

Der relevante Unterordner:

Hi I just wanted to say thanks, I find it extremelly useful.

I'm having a problem with the year and date of some releases, they are not being correctly retrieved from beatport. For example Beatport Release ID 2658839.

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Thanks for letting me know. It appears that there's a key new_release_date which is the correct one it seems resulting in the date 2019-08-09.

Is this what you mean?

Can you locally test this for me by editing all the Beatport by &stevehero v6*.inc files and replacing publish_date with new_release_date to see if that solves the issue.

If so, I'll update the scripts.

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Hi! Yes that's what I meant, thanks! Replacing those lines fixed the actual date stored in the ID3 tag, but the date is still different in the intermediate window where all the releases matching the search terms are shown.

Based on your comment, I also tried to change the lines
json_select "new_release_date" # RELEASED
#RegexpReplace "T\d+:\d+:\d+" ""
Say "|"

But I only got a blank column.

Leave that section in the [ParserScriptIndex]=... alone.

Keep this as it was:

json_select "release_date" # RELEASED
RegexpReplace "T\d+:\d+:\d+" ""
Say "|"

Only touch the code below the [ParserScriptAlbum]=... line.

If you can test this for a while and get back to me. I'll update the scripts then. Thanks for reporting.

Thank you stevehero, your work is really appreciated.
When I use the actual "RELEASE Search by (Album)Artist + Release" I never get the Artwork. I always have to do a second search for the Artwork. In a previous version this has been different.
Does this problem also occurs to other uses or did I do something wrong?