[WS] Discogs ALL

Unfortunately, Discogs changed something in the XML API. As a result of corrupted tags actors and roles.

Pufas, we need your help please)

will someone fix the prob? anyone? it's impossible to tag now :unsure:

anyone? :confused:

Why don't you try one of the other discogs scripts.
You can edit all tag name in the way you want them with my Discogs (Pone Mod).
The only thing you don't get with the non-API scripts are the Main Artist Names. You always get just the Artist Name Variation as given on a discogs release.

I am thinking about making an API version of my script for some time. But I just haven't found the time for a close look at the API pages to see how they are built up.

I've tried your script, but it didn't work.

It does work.
You have to do some installation steps befor you can use it. This is necessary for the script to make it customizable by the users. There is a short instruction in the starting post:
[WS] Discogs (pone mod)
Just ask if you have problems.

Too complicated. Can you modify an old script version? I want it to be simple.
Why nobody cares about this problem? Am I the only one who uses mp3tag?

You say my 8-steps-instruction is too complicated, but you want me to modify Pufas' script!?!
It would take me a lot of time to understand how Pufas' scripts worked, why it doesn't work now, and what I have to change to get it working again.
By the way, have you read Pufas' instructions? His script is not so easy to use. You have to search the release in your web browser instead with the Mp3tag and you have run an action after using the web sources for every release!

There are several working discogs scripts for Mp3tag.

  • A basic script which is already built into Mp3tag.
  • Dano's scripts, which have a standard and an extended version and easier to use as Pufas' script.
  • My script, which has to be exported from a setting-mp3 file first, but allows a maximum of customisation so every tag-field name will be as you want it.

There are also two older scrits from which I don't know if they work, just test them:

What is this suppose to mean?

Tag Sources - Discogs Pone - Search by artist and it gives me this

managed to fix this issue...

my script modified a lot, so I'm not gonna post the whole script.

you need to open up sources/Discogs_XML_ALL.src (or how it's called).

find the line:

outputto "ARTISTTMP"
findinline "<tracklist>"

and replace with:

outputto "ARTISTTMP"
findinline "<tracklist>"
RegexpReplace "<duration />" "<duration></duration>"

also you might need to tweak actions/1. Discogs_XML.mta and replace constructions like , , , , all tags with should be replaced to none.

here is an example for ARTIST:

1=$if($eql(%ARTISTTMP%,),%ARTIST%,$replace($replace($replace($replace($replace($replace($replace($replace($replace($replace($replace($replace($regexp(%ARTISTTMP%,<name>'['^<']'*?</name><anv>('['^<']'*?)</anv>,<name>\\\\1</name>),<artist>,),</artist>,),<join>,<join> ),</join>, </join>),<join>,),</join>,),<name>,),</name>,),<join />,),<anv />,),<role />,),<tracks />,))

bigup again to Pufas for this script! been using it for almost 2 years, modified only 3 or 4 times I think, due discogs changes.

mp3taglover thanks a lot!

Fixed script. If you have any issues, post here.

Great news Pufas, thank you very much!

A little bug report ):

no tracklist for some releases:


no mixartist (?):


"Various" instead of artist names for many VA releases:



Can confirm - now again all fine, thanks :music:

Other credit field issue - http://www.discogs.com/Various-Bob-Marley-...release/2917882 :book:

I have a little different fix for CRTMP in my mod, without killing and all work fine.

Fixed that some days ago, sorry, forgot to publish it.

What am i doing wrong?

what's discogs id for this release? i'll look into it.
EDIT: btw, did you apply actions?

http://www.discogs.com/release/2415858 and other releases from this label.


Btw, script doesn't grab cover.

Last version of your script is in your first post, right?

Sorry, my mistake, uploaded wrong file.
Try again now.