[WS] Discogs ALL

If you don't mind, share it.

Attached, you need to put it either into %appdata%\mp3tag or into program's directory (i prefer personally 2nd way).

You may use searching via ID, Album (it just searches discogs via anything you put there) or via folder (it automatically uses folder name as a search string on discogs).

After that hit alt+6 make sure you did select 1. discogs_xml_all action it should be first (it formats all tags etc), also select renaming to make filenames look good.

Also don't forget to update your mp3tag version!

Personally, I'm using mp3tag discogs_xml plugin + cdtag to pack releases so they have .sfv, .nfo, .m3u files with proper information.

mp3tag_discogs_xml_all_data.rar (9.03 KB)

Thanks, mate, i'll give it a try.

if anybody wants an updated working script - hit me back

(i have bit customized, but you'll get the idea if you want to extend it)

mp3taglover please share, will study with pleasure

data.rar (9.11 KB)

in the attachment, you can place it either in mp3tag installed folder or into %appdata%\mp3tag\

data.rar (9.11 KB)

Thank you very much :music:

First, sorry for my english :stuck_out_tongue:
I'm loving this script, I've modified it for my usage.
It does almost everything I want but I'm still having a problem.
I don't manage to keep the catalog numbers.
For example, "652844 2" will be change to "652844 002"

I've tried to modify the source script to get directly the publisher and cat number as it's in the website, but for some release I'm getting dupe publisher or cat...

Any suggestion ?