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Can confirm - now again all fine, thanks :music:

Other credit field issue - http://www.discogs.com/Various-Bob-Marley-...release/2917882 :book:

I have a little different fix for CRTMP in my mod, without killing and all work fine.

Fixed that some days ago, sorry, forgot to publish it.

What am i doing wrong?

what's discogs id for this release? i'll look into it.
EDIT: btw, did you apply actions?

http://www.discogs.com/release/2415858 and other releases from this label.


Btw, script doesn't grab cover.

Last version of your script is in your first post, right?

Sorry, my mistake, uploaded wrong file.
Try again now.

check this - http://www.discogs.com/release/674909

somehow notes after tagging cut to '59: 11' , maybe due use of '|' .. not sure.

Hi Pufas,

Thanks for a great script! I only have one issue and that is that it seems like TotalTracks is set to the number of highlighted files you are running an Action on. If I highlight 1 file in the list view TotalTracks becomes 1, if I highlight 17 files it becomes 17.

I'm now running the script on 2075392 but this is not probably relevant, unless the fact that the last hours I've been running the script on records that have track numbers as letters, like A and B?

Kind regards,


Completely grateful with your work Pufas. Thank you very much.

I´ve got the original code for renamig files

$replace($replace($regexp([$if($geql(%TOTALDISCS%,2),%DISCNUMBER%,)]$regexp($if($eql(%VINYLTRACK%,),%TRACK%,%VINYLTRACK%),^'(''['0-9']'')''$',0'\'1) [$if($eql(%compilation%,'Yes'),%artist% - ,)]%TITLE%,'['\\\\|<>\?\*:"']',), / , & ),/, )

but it doesn´t rename the file with the artist name in compilations.

Does anybody know how to do that?

Thanks again for a great job.




Can´t get the artist name in filenames doing that... I´ve got the same result. Thanks anyway.

Discogs again change something

temporary fix:
add regexpreplace ".*?" "" in .src file before #fixes missing fields (again) string

Happy Holidays mp3tag users & dev :w00t:

That's what i get now, when trying to search anything on Discogs with Discogs_xml_all.

Open the src file and change [AlbumUrl] to

Thanks, now script works fine.

Script is unable to get featuring artists in releases like these:

No problem for me for both releases.

Credit field for Phace – Now & Tomorrow latest track:
Overall Credits:
Design - Mike Engine
Written By, Producer - Florian Harres, Nicolas Ruoff

Track Credits:
Featuring - Noisia & Mayhem

and FEATURING field:
Noisia & Mayhem

You don't get me. I need to write main artist and featuring artist together into the ARTIST field to get something like this:

Script works fine for releases like this but it fails for previously mentioned ones.

Vast majority of discogs' releases has

form instead of

In the latter case featuring artist stored in xml tag, not . That's the problem.

Login at discogs and change the format of the page :wink:

What you are asking for isn't easy to do.
I'm working on a new discogs script at the moment, which will be able to split certain roles (like featuring) from the extraartist field and write it to a extra field. However, I was only thinking for extra fields like COMPOSER and so long, joining these fields with the existing ARTIST field is another problem. I'm not sure if I can build that in.

Anyway, here is a topic about a similar problem. I think you could adopt this action to Pufas' script output and your desired "featuring" role. You will also have to make sure that the ARIST field don't gets completly overwritten.

I checked both releases with my modified Discogs XML script, worked fine, but I'm not adding 'featuring' into artist field I'm adding into title field (e.g 04-Phace-Oceans_Of_Emptiness_(feat_Mayhem_And_Noisia).mp3)

Let me know if you need me to share the code I've used.