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Umm, no. Could You give more details?

Well, I can't speak for him, but the last couple times I have used v2.06 of this script the artwork window is blank although the release on discogs definitely has artwork on the page.

You're right, i forgot to copy-paste #COVER part, because i use script without covers. Try redownloading script.

works great now. thanks.

may i ask if you would change the script to pull multiple artwork entries and have them both used. right now its only getting one of them and a lot of my vinyls have a cover for side a and side b?

if not even sure if its possible but it seems like there are multiple cover urls given.

I would have done this long long time age, but mp3tag itself does not allow more than 1 cover. Bother florian about it, he is developer of mp3tag, nothing i can do about it, sorry.

I'm not sure what you mean by this? Are you talking about only allows 1 cover if adding by script? Because you mp3tag supports multiple covers to be imbedded into each music file. Front, Back, Leaflet, and over 15 other types. Looks like you can even set your own custom image types as well. Just right-click on the album art in the Tag Panel to set the image type.

Some guy asked me why my script imports only one cover when there's more @ discogs, and i explained that it's not scripts fault, Mp3tag cannot import more than one cover. It has nothing to do with what you explained. :slight_smile:

Then it is as I guessed and it's a limitation of the script importing abilities. That's unfortunate. Let's hope Florian resolves that in the future.

Pufas, if this possible, can you help me

How to change data format to discogs style - "23 Mar 2009" ? I can self change all month names, but hard regex... :rolleyes:

I hope this is the right thread -- is this the development of the discogs script with the menus? If not, please point me (or moderate) to the right thread.

To the matter:

Discogs distinguishes artists with equal names by (number). E.g., you have at least three acts with the name "Behemoth", and the Polish blackened death metal band then is "Behemoth (3)".

A search to list the artist's releases fails to return any hits on "Behemoth", because Discogs has no "Behemoth", only "Behemoth (1)", "Behemoth (2)" etc.

So, suggestion:

May I suggest that this feature not only searches for the search string, but in case of no hits, also for string (#), where "#" is any (single or double?) digit?

found a release with the wrong disk# for second disk - http://www.discogs.com/release/55293
and another release 584424

2 Porcus

Try this mod
I make search by "Behemoth - The Return Of The Northern Moon" and received right result.

Hi Pufas. Thanks for your script! Do you or anyone else know how I can make NFO.mte display more than one genre?

For example, I have a release with multiple GENRE tags:

GENRE Breakbeat
GENRE Hardcore
GENRE Techno

The resulting NFO file only displays the first genre. i.e. GENRE......: Breakbeat

Is there a way for it to show GENRE......: Breakbeat, Hardcore, Techno ?



Wow that was quick. Thank you so much dano!!!

28677 has and tags in note section )

Hi all :slight_smile:

I am new to this, so I guess I have a lot to learn. But quick question.

I want to add two parts of information to the comment field: "Label / Catalog#".
I tried merging PUBLISHER and CATALOG, almost succeeded except I got a lot of extra strings in the end of the field... help anyone? :slight_smile:

I get an error right after pasting ID and executing the script

Bad Request (400)

Anybody help? :unsure:

Sorry for bumping my post, but..

Am I the only person having this problem?

I don't have this problem, all works right.

Are you using the 2.06 version (from the first post)?
Do you have any idea about what such error means (i.e. where is the problem)?