[WS] Discogs (pone mod)


Hey jokertest.
Thank you very much!
Nice to see the script working again. Thanks for taking the time and look into the script in detail to see how it works and what had to be updated.
I didn't have the time myself. All the last year, my own script wasn't working for me. Only today I have discovered your script, and I even had to read my own install instruction to get it working again.

Thank you very much. I hope I find the time to look into the changes you made.


Hi Pone,
nice to see you back.
lol, no credits go to yourself for this incredible script. i just give a little live in it.
but thanks

QUOTE (Moshi @ Oct 7 2015, 00:32) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Why do I get this ugly formation under DISCOGS_FORMAT

When Discogs page under Format: clearly has less words.


My settings for FORMAT:

Format (complete):            >DISCOGS_FORMAT

Mediatype:                 >
- with quantity            >yes

Description Category:        >
Description Text:            ><!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

QUOTE (mp3taglover @ Oct 8 2015, 07:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
you need to open %appdata%\mp3tag\data\sources\discogs_pone_script.src (not sure about script name it might be different, as im using my own script based partly on pone)

and add there (maybe at the end):

json "ON"
# Media Type
json_foreach "formats"
    outputto "Format"
    json_select "qty"
    ifnot "1"
        say " x "
    json_select "name"
    json_select_array "descriptions" -1 ", "
    ifnot ""
        say ", "

I'm using modified script kinda mixed of pone_mod and discogs_xml_all adjusted to support json discogs API, let me know if you'd like to have my whole script.


I'm having the same problem like Moshi.
Adding the above mentioned doesn't help or I did anything wrong.
Can I anybody help (mp3taglover ?)
Thanks-a-lot !


I think i got it fixed.
In the zip files are three export scripts which are necessary to build the web scripts.
Please extract them into your Mp3tag\export folder (overwrite the old files).
After that, run this action group: Discogs Pone>Create Script.

If you wanna do me a favour, please test the script on some releases and tell me if you have found any problems.

discogs_pone_format_bugfix.zip (30.6 KB)


First of all: Thanks for your efforts :slight_smile:

Second: Might be my fault, but didn't work.
It seems Cover function works now again, but the above mentioned problem with the mediatype e.g. the result of my first try

                 7 x File, FLAC, , "Album", Album,  

seems not to be solved. Re. to "overwrite the old files": I didn't find those files so I first tried it with the "actions" folder and as this didn't work I copied them to every mp3tag folder but this didn't work as well.
As I said probably my fault ... :astonished:

BTW: Don't know whether this is possible at all, but I'd have a suggestion concerning the cover import: In case you get a download code or buy a download you will usually also receive the cover artwork, mostly in better quality than archived in discogs i.e. you'll only need the cover artwork if you e.g. import a cd. Isn't it possible that mp3tag recognizes that there is already a cover and hence prevents the import function for the artwork ?


The files from the update are for the "export" folder of mp3tag. I wrote that.

As for your cover problem, this isn't possible as far as I know. But there is an option in mp3tag to save covers from Web sources only as picture file and not into the ID tag. That's what I do. After that, I have an action to put the pictures into the files only when there is no cover present in the ID tag.


Yes, I had seen that you wrote that the files are for the export folder. But you also said: "overwrite the existing files" and at least concerning me I didn't have those files and hence couldn't overwrite them. This was the only thing I wanted to mention :wink:

Anyhow, I tried the whole procedure once more and vòila: it worked. Don't know why, I'm quite sure I did the same, but this time it worked. It might not be necessary to restart the computer, is it ? Anyhow, as I said, it's probably my fault and it was :flushed:

... and once more: THANK YOU SO MUCH !! :slight_smile: :music: :slight_smile:


OMG! It's working again!
THANK you so much jokertest for fixing the script.
And thank you also alwayswrming for the easy to follow explanation.

I've been storing MP3's that need editing for so long now... very glad I can finally update the tags :smiley:
You guys rock. And of course still thank you pone for the original script. Wish you had the time to update it but we are grateful nonetheless.


Finally got this working again! After installing Windows 10 from zero, of course! :smiley:

This is SO GOOD and important that it should exist on the application by default!


Is there another bug related to cover art? Worked fine up until last week. Now cant get any images with, or without the pone script :frowning:
Using the latest 2.79 version, and 4.4 update pone
Reauthorized with discogs
No luck..


Yep same problem here for the last couple of weeks I think the images do not appear to be being pulled in, same thing on the previous version and now 2.79. Running latest pone scripts.


Can you try again?

I've noticed that my Discogs image proxy wasn't working as expected and I've just fixed that.

Kind regards
– Florian


Yep perfect! Its working again :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of your effort with Mp3tag it is wicked!

Quick question for anyone though... is it possible to pull in a specific image e.g. the first one rather than than the last image?


Yep, works again! Thanks a lot! :smiley:


I can see cover again! Thank You very very much!


I recently used the Direct by Discogs ID script on an album where a CHAPTER was assigned to a multi song track. The release ID used was 6518000, for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Discogs tracks B3a, B3b, and B3c are part of chapter "Rose Tint My World". I have these as separate tracks/files.
When I run the script, CHAPTER "Rose Tint My World" is assigned to the three tracks, and it is assigned to the remaining 3 tracks for the album. Discogs does have a "-" after the B3c track, which indicates the end of the chapter. Is the script working correctly? Do I have to create an action group to remove the CHAPTER from the last 3 tracks of the album?



I've found a few more albums that have multi-song tracks, and the script assigned the chapters correctly to all but one of them. The one that had a problem also had a dash to indicate the end of the chapter in Discogs. This is very easy to fix in the script or after the script. Therefore I feel the script is running correctly.



I am having some problems with images.

I am using the latest MP3TAG version (2.79) and the latest Discogs script (4.4joker01).

When I try to tag the following Discogs release, the last image will be shown in the 'Adjust tag information' dialog:

It is not the front cover that is shown on the Discogs page, it is the disc label - the last of the 3 available release images.
Is there still a bug in the script or does anyone knows how to fix it?

And a second (more general) question: in MP3TAG I will only see one image in the cover section in the 'Adjust tag information' dialog. Is there a way to step thru all available images on Discogs. I think some (long) time ago I read something here it is possible, but I have never seen back/forward buttons.

Thanks for your time and any help...


I'm using Mp3tag 2.79 with the latest Pone mod(4.4,joker01)

I've had no problems using web source script Direct by Discogs ID for the past couple of weeks, but today I encountered a problem with one Discogs release. Today I've used Direct by Discogs ID for other release IDs prior to and after the problem without any issues.

The problem occurs with Discogs release ID 721701, Pink Floyd, The Final Cut, 1983, CK 38243. I receive message "Sorry, no entries are matching your search criteria". I have the release in my Discogs collection, so I know it is a valid release ID.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Hi Gary,
i can verifier this issue with this ID721701 only and i guess some with Discogs Website. ist only working if you use search by lable and catalog like cbs&catno=CK 38243

yes sometimes you will get not the right Image and ist not a bug in pone script.
For me i use album art downloader because discogs Image have max size 600x600 and thats to small for me. it work perfect with MP3Tag together. Check out in this Forum.