[WS] Last.fm Genre/Mood with Whitelist

I wrote a script which gets genre and mood (with a whitelist) from last.fm tags of the title:

You need to know the artist and the title of the track (just works proper with single track choosen)

Edit 19.10: Overnight I got the idea to fetch tags from the album, so now there are two Versions: One gets tags from track and one which gets tags from album. Second one works good if you choose an complete album.
Attetion: Sometimes your artist/track/album tag must match exactly of these at last.fm to get any result... Nevertheless try it out...

Edit 1.1.11 :smiley: : Now there are 3 Versions, 1 additional which gets tags just from artist...

Genre_and_Mood.zip (6.47 KB)

Very nice script, thank you! How do I change it to write commas instead of // as seperator?

I wasn't a long time here :smiley:
So maybe you found the answer of your question, but if not, here:
At the end of the two rows with the "filter", is "\\" that just have to be changed to "," or ", "! (there are 4 slashes because they are escaped)
So have fun!

Error connecting to server "www.last.fm"

Most other scripts are working fine. Is this broken or am I missing something?


Oh no, maybe I should enable email notification for this thread :wink:

So, I know this problem happends when you type/use some special chars like !"§$%&/=?, (not all of them I think) because they are not converted to URI-format :wink:
I do not maintain this script really, because for my personal needs it fits perfectly, but I could try to fix this error a little bit...

Kann es sein, dass die LastFM-Scripts nicht mehr gültig sind?

Ich benutze es nicht mehr. Ich war kurz auf der lastfm Api Seite, es scheint wohl, dass sie die Api ein wenig geändert haben. Das Skript habe ich 2010, also vor 5 Jahren erstellt, da passiert sowas mal. :wink:

Ansonsten kann es natürlich auch sein, dass die API grade nicht funktioniert, siehe auf der last.fm Seite:

This sources do not work today.