[WS] Metal Archives

Been using this with great success, thanks again.

If I can ask one more thing, aside from automatically adding the genre, is it possible to automatically retrieve lyrical themes to the 'comments' section of the MP3?

Those two features would make this even more perfect than it already is!

I'm getting an issue with the band Tribulation (Swe) where their newest album (The Formulas of Death) is not showing up to tag from.

Not sure what's going on with that, all their other releases show up just fine.

Hi there,

would it be possible to add another source that imports the lyrics of a chosen album? I'd be so much easier to tag metal albums if I could import the lyrics more easily.

Thanks in advance.

No longer works with Windows 8.1, tried multiple MP3tag versions.

Same error every time, will not retrieve track listing and instead displays "error" in track title.



Perfect, thanks.

Thank you very much for this great add-on to mp3tag, Dano. I just started to tag my metal collection, and your script will save me many hours of tagging time. Highly appreciated.

I just wanted to suggest minor changes to the scripts that are related to the way how Metal Archives handles original releases ("1st press") and re-releases. AFAIK, the information on the album page is always related to the original release. The year given is the original release year, the label given is the original publisher, and the number and titles of tracks are those of the original year. All this may change in reissues.

For Example, the original Heathen album "Breaking the Silence" was released in 1987 by Combat Records and has 9 tracks, including the CD bonus song. The 2008 reissue by Century Media includes four demo songs and has 13 tracks.

When I use your script for the 2008 reissue, I get

YEAR = 1987
PUBLISHER = Combat Records

and both is wrong. Therefore I hereby suggest to not write to the standard tags, but do as you do with all the other tags:


leaving YEAR and PUBLISHER alone. That was the easy part :wink:

When I use your script for the 2008 reissue, I get 9 tracks only because that is what is listed on the album page in Metal Archives, i.e. not your fault.
Do you see any chance to look up the missing tracks from the ADDITIONAL INFO page?

The last request for change is regarding the country of band origin info.
Do you see any chance to look up the country of the band from the BAND page?
(You already store the URL in METAL ARCHIVES BAND URL tag).

Finally, could you convert the country information to the 3 letter ISO abbreviation used in ID3 tags?

It would be a real great help to have the band's country in a tag. For some names, there are more than 20 bands with the same name in Metal Archives...

Thank you very much for considering this.

The problem with grabbing information from the 'additional info' portion of the page is that it's simply one giant text field, and not an easily read and standardized list like the standard track-listing page.

For example, for him to modify the script to pull track listings from the additional notes, he would have to program it to discern what the difference is between a track title, and another block of words in that same field. I'm sure there's a way where it could look for numbers beside titles, i.e. 12. Grim Dark Death Grimness, to figure out what the title is, but I think that's beyond the realm of what a script like this can do without serious overhauling, or complete recreation.

And that's not even considering additional info notes regarding multiple bonus releases with the same track number, but different songs, from separate international releases. For example:

US Bonus:
12. Grim Dark Death Grimness

Japanese Bonus:
12. Dark Grim Forest of Eternal Darkness

It's just not feasible again because of how Metal-Archives has set up the additional notes as just one giant text field.

I know how you feel though, I had the same issue.

My solution was to just take the last track of the 'official' track list, click 'tag copy' and then 'tag paste' to every bonus track. Then, it just takes a couple seconds to change the track number (highlight all the tracks, at the top of the program you'll see a little button with numbers that will auto-number it, or change them one at a time manually starting at the beginning of the bonus tracks), and I just typed in the bonus track titles individually. Usually it's no more than a track or two, so it wasn't too much of a hassle.

That being what it is, as I said, I know how you feel, so I've thought about this as well. What I would suggest is trying to change Metal-Archives in the way they list bonus tracks. For example, either within the main track list page, it would be nice if you could add a 'bonus tracks' sub-heading to put stuff in, similar to how they separate 'disc 1' and 'disc 2', from large releases (example here), or even simply have bonus tracks have their own separate tab on the album, much like how they have additional notes/lineup/reviews, etc.

Long-story short, you're asking the wrong team for the catalytic change.

For your other point, I believe the reason that Year and Publisher are left alone is because of how programs read the ID tags on the tracks. For example, I can sort my MP3's in my program by year, and I know of some where you can search by Publisher, and I'm certain that adding a METAL ARCHIVES YEAR/PUBLISHER, could mess up how these programs pull information from the MP3. In reality, the entirety of the METAL ARCHIVES - tags are just for fun, because really all you need for a proper functional collection are: album, artist, genre, publisher, title, track, year (and album art, in my opinion). So, I guess consider the MA tags simply as fun little bonuses as opposed to pertinent information regarding the release. If it bothers you, you can always remove them just select the track, hitting Alt+t, and then highlight all the MA tags, and click the little "X" on the right and it'll leave you just with a uniformly standard set of tags. I know I've thought about that so my metal/non-metal releases all look the same, but I think the bonus info is too fun to get rid of.

I think your idea about tagging the country code somewhere would be neat. I know I have a few bands with the same name that I have to tag oddly to differentiate them. I don't know about converting countries to abbreviations (seems like a lot of work) abut a METAL ARCHIVES COUNTRY tag would've been neat.

The only thing I really wished for was that it would pull the genre. Man, I really wish that could've been implemented. I know nothing about coding, so I'm not sure how difficult that would've been, but it certainly would've saved me a lot of manpower.

To be honest, there's even a couple of things I would have removed (and still might from my collection). I don't think the METAL ARCHIVES DATE is entirely necessary as long as the year is correct (but perhaps it's important to some), and given the nature of the reviews, having the METAL ARCHIVES RATING on there is really only valid at the moment you do it. Someone could come along and add a review that changes that number as soon as you're done. I do quite enjoy the METAL ARCHIVES TYPE tag though.

Anyway. I've rambled.

I've been tagging MP3's so much that I literally dream of it. From the time you see my first post in this thread, until now, I've just finished tagging my (ever growing) metal collection of 1002 bands, 3208 albums and 30434 songs, and I couldn't have done it without this amazing program and dano's top-notch script.

If one can use regular expressions in web source scripts, it shouldn't be that hard:
^[0..9]+. [^(]+[0..9]+:[0..9]+)

And what do you think how often that is the case? The solution doesn't have to be perfect. If it succeeds in 99% of all cases that would be fine for me.

Sometimes things are easier than they seem to be at first sight.

You have found a workaround and that's fine. I'd take another approach by simply using a 2nd web source script, e.g. MusicBrainz.

I second you suggestion regarding how Metal Archives should handle bonus tracks.

No, I didn't. Actually, it's always a lot easier to change your own attitude/acting than that of someone else.

Sorry, but just because you consider some tags fun this must not be the same for others. If I wouldn't want to do something with the information, I wouldn't retrieve or even store it. Also, all these non-standard fields get stored as ID3 TXXX tags and all players I know will just ignore them, none will get messed up. What tags I use is solely my decision and you are free to have a different view. But please don't force your view on everybody else.

For me, the original release year is very important as this is part of the album folder name on disc. That way, I can store both the 1st press and a reissue if I want to:

...\Heathen\1987 Breaking the Silence
...\Heathen\1987 Breaking the Silence (reissued 2000)
...\Heathen\1987 Breaking the Silence (remastered 2008)

The sorting will be alright, and that is what matters for me.

It's basically just one lookup table and function.

If you're really into Metal then you should already know that there's no such thing like "the" genre. There are so many discussions about that on the mp3tag and hydrogenaudio forums, I don't like to start another one. I'd suggest that you try out Dano's Last.fm web source script.

Yes, that's obvious. But why do you make so many baseless assumptions about what is hard to implement then?

That's why I resisted more than 10 years to start it :rolleyes:

Now that these fantastic Metal Archives and MusicBrainz scripts and online databases exist, this will be a lot easier, I hope. I've got 6 TB of lossless images and 3 TB of MP3 albums, plus ~1500 CDs waiting to be ripped and tagged. Still a lifetime effort, I guess.


To be frank, the state of your music collection is of no concern to me, and the tone of much of your post has defeated my will to converse.

I was just trying to lay out some potential reasons as to why this won't be implemented, never implied that I had the objective right or wrong answer, just sharing how I do things in an attempt to help.

Best of luck.


The underlaying message of your post is another one. You didn't state something like "Hmm, I don't know that much of coding, but this seems to be a difficult task to me." Basically, your message was: "It can't be done!". That is quite different and you don't have to be surprised to find me pissed.

Thanks so much for this great script!
Metal Archives is an invaluable source of info for metal albums.

Wow, you are an enormous dick. I've been using this software for a good long while and joined this forum just to let you know what a pompous ass you are.

That guy was just letting you know some issues that he thought may affect inclusion of those features (and surprise, surprise, they haven't been included) in a friendly and helpful manner, and you had to get on your high horse to try and attempt to belittle him.

Whatever you're reading into his post that 'pisses you off' is all in your head. It was friendly and attempted to be helpful or at the very least attempt to converse like regular human beings and share ideas.

People like you are the reason no one tries to help anyone. You have a shitty attitude and you should be ashamed of yourself.

dano, thanks for this amazing script!

It's the first time in ever I've had a problem with it though... Information for the demo "Give The Sick More Say" by Egrogsid simply does not show up (their other two releases added to MA do, though). Thanks in advance.

EDIT: The same also happened to me right about now with Polish band Ghost with the demo Renown. Blank fields except for the MA link. Also, I've found a sort of bug: multiple artists releases shouldn't be used with the MA script for now because all tracks are tagged as if they were from an unique artist. To fix that release tags I was able to find the correct tags through Discogs pone, at least.

Might be a bug somewhere. I just tried Cease.And.Desist s/t demo. I do not get any tracks, although they are in the Metal Archives.

Hey mate,

Been having a few issues since an update or two ago that I can no longer search for bands that have non-Latin characters in their names.

For example, I am unable to search for both 战旗, nor Руян.

I am also unable to get results by searching for their alternative Latin-alphabet names.

Thanks for any help.

I would like to confirm that.
I cannot search for "帝王切開", by the band Kuroageha, for an example.
Please see the error message:

In the script, change

Unfortunately, this still hasn't worked for me. Opened the script in notepad, changed things as you said, and when I opened up MP3Tag again I was getting the same issue.

Any other tips?

Thank you, it works now!