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Could you let me know what you did, or what program you used to edit the data? Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it definitely didn't work for me.


I used Notepad++, and simply replaced the text string.


Hello all,

How can we modify dano's script so that it would also retrieve information fields such as 'genre' 'country of origin' ?

Thanks all


I've made a separate script based off of the original script, it receives Lyrical Themes, Country, Formation year and Status

_b_Metal_Archives___Band_Info.src (2.72 KB)


Thank you very much sir :music:

I tried to edit your script to retrieve 'genre' field information with no luck

Since i don't know anything about coding the result ireturned with a error.

outputto "Genre"
findline "

findline "
findinline "
sayuntil "



Strange that it doesn't work, I just did that with mine and it seems to work, might be that my genre section is prior to lyrical themes.

b_Metal_Archives___Band_Info__genre.src (2.83 KB)


Your order works .)

Thank you for your help


May have forgotten my login but It's me DaveyJones again.

I've updated both scripts slightly.

Album Script now retrieves the ISRC from metal-archives

Band Script has had some frustrating amount of time put into it.
It now shows a list of artists with a country and genre tag when searching (Similar to how album script does it.)
It also now retrieves Location tag.

I'm still not really used to writing scripts for this especially when I'm adapting someone else's script but let me know if there's anything else that people want.

_a_Metal_Archives___Search_by_Album.src (5.46 KB)

_b_Metal_Archives___Band_Info.src (3.49 KB)


Put this request out there at one point but it seemed to fall by the wayside and I am unable to figure it out myself...any assistance would be appreciated...

New Script request OR assistance on modifying existing script


Hi! Good evening/night/day.

After watching this thread, and being inspired by both @dano and @DaveyJones2, I took the liberty to create a Github repository with the original versions of the scripts, plus a couple of fixes.

I though that it could be great to have them available on Github because in that way we could collaborate improving them, and/or fixing things when (if) the MA layout changes.

I hope that it isn't an issue to @dano, and if its the case, please let me know.

Also any comments, suggestions, are welcome.



A little update:

[FIX]: Fetching Artist tag, as it was detected that the content of the artist/band wasn't on the expected location (thanks to Melvinkooi @ Github).


Is there a way to implement those two scripts (both metal archive scripts by dano and modified by camzo) into one script?

One script retrieves informartion such country, year, info et. while the other script retrieves infos such as artist, album, band url etc.

Thanks in advanced,

Files.zip (3.7 KB)


Hi! Sorry for the late reply... Somehow I'm not getting the notifications on my email :thinking:

Well, funny enough, I was just wondering the same just today... I'll take a look on how the scripts work to see what can be done.

Also, today I've made some minor updates to the scripts:

  • Fixed Additional Info with additional HTML tags
    • There was a couple of HTML tags that were passed on. This fix removes them.
  • Added extraction of Catalog ID
    • This is more a personal request, as I was working early on the morning with some Video Game soundtracks, and wondered if the extraction of the catalog could be done with MA as with VGMDB. Well, it seems that if can be done :tada: .


The script created by dano on 2007-12-15 - modified by camzo on 11-09-2017 & 02-12-2017 returns an error

Could it be fixed? _b_Metal_Archives___Band_Info.src (3.5 KB)



Well, that's weird... Have you tried access to MA through a web browser?

Anyway, if no one is available, I'll take a look into the script this weekend to see what could be the issue.

Best regards.



Thank you for your interest

There is no problem with the browser, all the sources attached work fine except Me&tal Archives#Search by 01. Band_NEW (album-country)

Best regards,Me&tal Archives#Search by 01. Band.src (5.1 KB)
_b_Metal_Archives___Band_Info.src (3.5 KB)
Me&tal Archives#Search by 02. Album.src (5.2 KB)
_a_Metal_Archives___Search_by_Album.src (5.5 KB)
Me&tal Archives#Search by 03. Band Album.src (5.1 KB)
b_Metal_Archives___Band_Info__genre.src (2.8 KB)
Me&tal Archives#Search by 11Album.src (5.3 KB)
Me&tal Archives#Search by 11Band Album.src (5.3 KB)
Me&tal Archives#Search by 11band.src (5.2 KB)
Me&tal Archives#Search by antonio_Album.src (5.2 KB)
Me&tal Archives#Search by antonio_Band Album.src (5.1 KB)
Me&tal Archives#Search by antonio_Band.src (5.1 KB)


Hi there!

@slayerist could you test the attached source? I've updated it, and done some (successful) tests, but I would like to know if it works on your side.

And by the way, about a previous post that you made while ago, since then I done some tests, but it seems that isn't possible to merge both functionalities into one, or at least I'm not aware on how to make it.

@DaveyJones2 it could be possible to add you script "Band Info" into the Github repository? What do you think?

(I ask for this particular script as is the same as the one that I'm attaching in this post)

Thanks in advance.


Me&tal Archives#Search by 01. Band_NEW (album-country).src (3.7 KB)


Thank you so much! It works flawlessly right now :grinning: