[WS] MusicBrainz Roon Recording Tags

Please scroll down for the download- and installation instructions.

Script Info - Functionality

Like any other Web Sources Script (WSS) this will add tags and metadata to all your selected files.
Metadata in already existing tags with the same name will be replaced without any further information or reconfirmation!

In addition to the track number and track title (which are necessary to identify the correct sort order)
only this 10 tags - especially useful for Roon users - will be added to your files:


Script Info - Limitations

This WSS has three main limitations you need to know:

1.) The API from MusicBrainz doesn't return the recording location and the two dates for huge releases in one result answer.
If you try to tag your 96-CD Box Set, you will not get this metadata. The first 3 mentioned tags above will not be written in your tags then. Maybe you are lucky and someone has added a so called "pseudo release" and splitted the huge release into parts. You can see how this would look like here.

2.) The API from MusicBrainz doesn't return the complete recording location in one result answer.
That means, you get the recording address, but not all the subdivisions, districts, the municipality, city, county and country for your tracks.
In such a case, up to 6 additional queries to the MusicBrainz API would be necessary for every single file. Beside the fact that MusicBrainz is rate limiting such requests, Mp3tag currently can only execute 1 query (and get 1 result) per Web Sources Script. Currently, repeated/nested queries are not possible in Mp3tag Web sources framework.

3.) This WSS does not collect any cover art.

Not every recording include all this tags. The availability depends on the metadata at MusicBrainz.

Examples to illustrate what you get

Example 1:

You will not get the district, county or country.

If some tags are the same for the entire release (like the ALBUM and RECORDINGLOCATION in this example), the "Adjust tag information" preview window looks like this
(for Example 1 - track #11):

The metadata from this WSS only looks like this in the extended tags view (ALT + T) for the «Suzy-Hang-Around» song in Mp3tag:

Can I reduce the number of tags?
How can I strip the tags down to the one I need?

If you don't need all tags *** offered by this Web Sources Script, you can easily deselect them.
Since Mp3tag v3.13 you can select or deselect the checkboxes in the "Adjust tag information" result window in front of any tag in the sections "Metadata Title" or "Metadata Album".

*** The number of tags highly depends on the existing data at MusicBrainz.
Not every release has a complete set of all tags. All these metadata have been provided by users like you and me.


Newest Mp3tag, at least v3.13
Important: This WSS will NOT work with older Mp3tag versions!

MusicBrainz Roon Recording Tags v1.30.zip (6,4 KB)

How to Install

  1. Download the above .zip and extract it to the %appdata%\mp3tag\data\sources directory
    (Just hit Win+R and copy & paste %appdata%\mp3tag\data\sources )
    Or you can click on menu File -> Open configuration folder and then open the folder \data and open the subfolder \sources
  2. You can access all WS scripts either by using the menu Tag sources or by right-clicking on the selected tracks and Tag sources->....

Version History

2022-03-25: v1.3 - Added this 7 additional Tags
March v1.1+ v1.2 - Internal changes only
2022-01-28: v1.0 - First Public Release
(special thanks to @Enno for the tests of the preview-releases in a Roon environment)

Last but not least

Please let me know if you have found any error or inconsistency using this script.
Attach a screenshot with your current result and your expected values.
Don't forget to note the MusicBrainz release ID, where the source data is available.
If you prefer, write such info in a PM.


2022-03-25 - Update v1.3

Added this 7 tags: