[WS] MusicBrainz XML Webservice


That update to the Mp3tag default MusicBrainz script is working fine although I was looking for an update to the MusicBrainz script posted on this topic, since it allows to search for Album + Artist (making it much easier to find an album that shares the same name with others).

Thanks for your help anyway :smile:

EDIT: Just for the record, I'm talking about this .src file in particular. It was updated by someone else and uploaded on this thread (can't pinpoint now) a while ago:

&MusicBrainz v2#&2 Search by Album A&rtist ( ID Tags).src (9.2 KB)


You can either update the script from this topic by replacing
ext:score by :score

or update the official one with

[SearchBy]=$regexp(%album%,'[-+!(){}\[\]^"~*?:\\]',) AND artist:($regexp(%artist%,'[-+!(){}\[\]^"~*?:\\]',))

I'll probably also include the search by artist with the official one for the next release.


Just tried your suggested fix (replace "ext:score" with ":score") and it worked!

Cheers :smile: