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How do I install the script? / Wie installiere ich das Script?

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Hi dano,

So, this script does actually not add a lot of new tag in the over all fantastic collection of scripts you have made. I have a few suggestions to make this more useful. First of all I think the info that goes into GENRES should go into STYLES instead since they are almost always more than one...

In the existing scripts you can find what language the songs are in and where albums are released, but, as far as I know, not where the band/artist is from. Don't know if it's even possible but the tags I would like to see this script grab are of that kind and from the ARTIST page of the album...


What do you think, is this useful for anyone else than me? I run theme nights with songs from artists from only one country or region (like Sweden) and I would love to have this info in my collection of songs...



Hi Dano,

This one isn't working anymore, right? Anyway I can't get it to work on any of my resent searches like for instance Santogold



I've fixed it.

Hi again Dano,

Thanks for the last fix, now that works, but the script still doesn't grab the cover.

Thanks for your work!

Cover works for me.

Hi, thanks for the script, it works perfectly.

But I would like to download only primary genres (and not the secondaries). I tried to edit it myself (I didn't knew anything about this scripting language), I understood the basics of it, but I couldn't find a way to only import primary genres.

What should I change here?

Genre / Style

findline ""genrelist_"
findinline ""genrelist_"
sayregexp "(?<=/">)[^<]+(?=</a)" ", "

Thanks a lot.

Replace the last line of that code with
sayregexp "(?<=/">)[^<]+" ", " "</a"

Thanks a lot! That didn't do what I wanted but it made me understand how I should edit it!

For example, this album:


Has as genres:

Genres Breakbeat, UK Hip Hop, Dub
World Music, Ragga, Dub, Alternative Rock, Drum and Bass, Alternative Dance

But the 2nd list is just a list of "Secondary genres include influences and undertones that are less predominant, or not representative of the album as a whole. "

So i want to filter out those and only import the first 3: Breakbeat, UK Hip Hop, Dub.

But as I said your post helped me a lot, I edited it as this and I thnk it's working:

"sayregexp "(?<=/">)[^<]+" ", " "genrelist_s" "

Thanks again. Your script will save me a lot of work! Because of it now I'm an user of MP3Tag :smiley:.

This should be updated now that RYM changed to 2.5. It doesn't work at all. I really like to get the genre tags off RYM using this script.

I made a mod for the new RYM layout, it's probably very much perfectible (I'm new to the scripting framework) but at least it worked with the few releases I wanted to get the genres and covers for (a few regular albums and one Various Artists soundtrack).
Is it OK for me to post it here?

Go ahead.

There you go. Obviously, feel free to improve it! :slight_smile:
I only modified the Album part, the Search part was still working.


2013-11-10 -- Genres: fixed when there are no secondary ones; Tracks: ignore disc headers

RateYourMusic_03.zip (2.06 KB)

Thank you so much, nathbot! Looks really good. I was wondering if it would be possible to get the specific date too. For example, on RYM: "January 2, 2003" and on Mp3tag: "2003-01-02".

Glad I could help. :slight_smile:
Regarding your request, this worked with the couple of albums I used to test. Place this between the #Year and the #Genre sections, it will put the value into a "DATE" tag.
(It might work if you place it somewhere else, actually)

# Full date
findLine "<th class=\"info_hdr\">Released" 1
### Remove tags in date
KillTag "a"
KillTag "/a"
KillTag "b"
KillTag "/b"
# ### change order to year-month-day
Replace "   " " "
RegexpReplace "([A-Za-z]+) ([0-9]+), ([0-9]+)" "\3-\1-\2"
# ### replace month string by numbers
Replace "January" "01"
Replace "February" "02"
Replace "March" "03"
Replace "April" "04"
Replace "May" "05"
Replace "June" "06"
Replace "July" "07"
Replace "August" "08"
Replace "September" "09"
Replace "October" "10"
Replace "November" "11"
Replace "December" "12"
### Add leading zero to days 1-9
RegexpReplace "([0-9]{4}-[0-9]{2}-)([0-9] <)" "\10\2"
OutputTo "DATE"
findinline "<td colspan=\"2\">" 1
SayUntil "</td>"

It stopped working again. :frowning:

Some minor things seem to have changed in the RYM search results page... enough to break everything! :slight_smile: Try this mod (not extensively tested, it has worked with a few searches so far).

It also contains your "Full date" request.

Download link: RateYourMusic_03.zip

14 Aug 2014

  • Fixed: starting with v2.62 Tracks were getting duplicated in the album details
    28 Dec 2013
  • Fixed error when there are no tracks
  • Fixed error in search when an album has no artist
  • Handle split albums (2 artists)

I seem to be getting double result sets. For example;


01 - Name of track 1.mp3
02 - Name of track 2.mp3
03 - Name of track 3.mp3


1 Name of track 1
2 Name of track 1
3 Name of track 2
4 Name of track 2
5 Name of track 3
6 Name of track 3

I have tried many albums - all are the same :frowning:

Odd, I guess they changed something again! I'll have a look over the weekend.

Many thanks :wink: