[WS] TheTVDB.com


Hey everyone. Here’s my src for Online TV Database.

It checks for results based on the Show ID from thier website. [http://thetvdb.com/]

You just have to know the ID of the series your looking for.
You can look it up on the website with a basic search.


It lists all the seasons in the search for results box [ParserScriptIndex] and gives you a list of all
episodes in the tracks box [ParserScriptAlbum] plus what other details I could grab.

Track, Title, Aired Date, Show Name, Season Number, Media Type, Year and Cover Art. Enjoy. :smiley:

P.S. If anyone knows how to get rid of a
in a line, post it for me please.



The_TVDB_Series_by_ID.zip (1.24 KB)


I just found this today and have been playing with it a bit. It seems to still work as intended, but I’m wondering if anyone can update it to also be able to pull the episode information to populate the “ITUNESPODCASTDESC” and “SUBTITLE” fields with the episode descriptions?