[X] AAC tag not recognized by mobile

I usually convert my mp3 to aac using NeroAAC before transferring them to my mobile. The tags written with Mp3Tag are not recognized by my mobile(nokia). I used Abander tag and it's working fine.

The thing to note that was Abander displayed ID3v2 tags. While Mp3Tag used APEv2. So maybe Mp3Tag doesn't allow ID3v2 tags for aac files that could be the problem..

Tested latest beta 2.45b and still same...

Also reading tags from mobile takes considerably more time than with other tag editors.... :ph34r:

Writing ID3v2 to AAC is simply not supported by Mp3tag (mostly because AAC didn't specify a tag format to be used and ID3v2 causes notable problems with AAC readers that do not support AAC).

Maybe just wrap your AACs in an MP4 container?

There could be the workaround but since the number of files is large it would be a tedious job to do. Since other tag editors support it i think it should be added. Maybe provide it optionally.

The slow reading of files also turned out to be the files with APE tag. ID3 tag files are loaded as they should be.. :rolleyes:

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