[X] Auto-numbering with leading zero fails

Hi Developers,

I just installed v2.49b. There's a problem with auto-number tagging.

Here's how to reproduce

  • Choose more than 10 files
  • Select the Auto-number wizard (Ctrl+K)
  • Check the "leading zeros for tracknumbers..." checkbox
  • Apply and save the files
  • Refresh and see that leading zeros are not applied for track numbers 1-9


On which type of media file you've noticed the possible misbehaviour?
Which ID3 tag version is in usage and has been written?


Hi DetlevD,

Here are the details:

Media Type: .m4a file
Tag Version written: MP4
Tag Version in Usage: Did not notice before writing the tag.

I have attached screenshots for the above. Also, I noticed that it seems like the track number is actually written with a leading '0'. However, when displaying the tag using Mp3Tag and foobar2000, only the digit number of the track is displayed (that is, 4 from the attached screenshot, and not 04).

Let me know if you need more details, I would be happy to help.

Warm Regards

The mp4 tag format does not support leading zeroes.
No bug.

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