[X] don't delete lyrics3v2!

Dear Florian,

you know why I always considered your program to be the best tag editor of all? Because all other programs follow the incredibly dangerous logic of discarding unknown/uninterpretable/unhandable data, e.g. rare id3v2 fields, etc.

I always appreciated that you honoured a safe approach, by means of the fail-safe principle "if I don't know the data, leave as is". So up to now, I never saw your program discarding any existing albumart, lyrics, tags, user-defined fields, rare id3v2 fields, etc.

Therefore I was quite unsettled when I realized, that your program deletes lyrics3v2 without notice! And what's even worse is that undo can't bring them back!!
I always felt safe using your program, now I am insecure again.

steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. open .mp3 with lyrics3v2
  2. delete id3v1 tag ==> lyrics3v2 is gone!
  3. undo ==> lyrics3v2 doesn't come back!

Please don't do this!

Please provide additional checkboxes in options > tags > mpeg for the user to decide how he/she wants to handle lyrics3v2.

If you can, please add support for displaying the lyrics. http://www.id3.org/Lyrics3v2
If not, please at least don't delete them without warning, but let the user choose.

Many thanks!

PS: Yes, I know there is USLT, but that's not a reason for deleting or not supporting lyrics3v2

1 year later...
what do you think about this issue, Florian?
Please make your program safe!

lyrics3 sample files: http://www.getid3.org/samples/index.php?dir=./lyrics3

I wanted to note that the documented method for removing a particular tag type -- say APEv2 tags -- has the side effect of deleting the Lyrics3v2 tags.

I wound up trying out ApeV2 tags -- realizing there is poor support for this tag in many applications and for support of all my devices/applications I needed to downgrade to id3v2.3 -- only to find that while adding APEv2 tags didn't harm the Lyrics tags, and changing to id3v2.3 from id3v2.4 didn't harm the tags, there was literally no way to remove the APEv2 tags without also wiping out the Lyrics tags.

If I've specified I want to keep id3v1 and id3v2 tags as I've only marked Ape tags for removal, it makes sense to only remove the Ape and APEv2 tags.


Concerning ID3v1:

"The Lyrics3 v2.00 tag is more complicated than the previous Lyrics3 tag but has a lot more capabilities. Just like the old Lyrics3 tag it resides between the audio and the ID3 tag, which must be present."

On the other hand, Lyrics3 tags can live perfectly without them.

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