[X] Error in duration

I saw a "bug" in duration, isn't for all my songs, but lot of them have an error in duration, like a song with his length is 19:15 in MP3Tag, and 06:25 in MP3 Player (I use VLC but other have the same duration)

I tried to delete completely MP3Tag and reinstall the last build, but I have always the bug.

A picture of this bug:

I have Windows 7 SP1 and MP3Tag v2.70 (and is the same on v2.69)

Thank you for your help

See there ...
[X] Mp3tag identifies some MP3 files as MP2 and reports incorrect durations


Oh thanks, I didn't know we can corrupt the timestamp of mp3 file, I thought the duration is obtained by the length of file and not with tag. I corrected all my files with this.

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