[X] Export configuration window Cancel button works partially

It seems that the Cancel button in the Export window is only able to un-register the checking [or unchecking] of the two boxes: the "Append data" and "One file per directory"; and nothing more

If you delete something by accident- then its gone for good. If you create some new entries or rename them but decide to revert to the previous state- then the Cancel button will not help you with that

If this is not a bug then I completely do not understand the logic behind such behavior and the usage of the word "cancel" there

"Cancel" as in "Do not execute" as opposed to "OK" like "export now"?
Depending on the settings in Tools>Options>Messages you get a message if you attempt to delete an entry with an OK and a Cancel button where the Cancel button stops the deletion.


That's not it

I am talking about creating and / or deleting and / or renaming of entries, each stored as as separate .MTE file; each file bearing the name of the entry

And that is probably the core of the problem. As each entry is a file then deleting of entry means a file is deleted- and so Mp3tag cannot cancel the deletion of entry as it is has deleted a file and has no "source" to retrieve data from. So in order to provide us with fully working CANCEL button, Mp3tag would have to create some temporary "export" folder, work with files in it and delete the old / original "export" folder only when OK is pressed. And if CANCEL would be pressed then Mp3tag would just delete the new / temporary "export" folder with which it was working and leave the user with the untouched original "export" folder. [Or alternatively Mp3tag could just read all .MTE, and create their name list and copy all of their content to some temporary file or RAM. And I am only just guessing here, giving out theoretical ways to cope with that- I am not a programmer]

The same problem is with actions- as they are stored separately as .MTA files in "data\actions", tempering with them equals currently with tempering with the files themselves

And that is totally no good of approach. I understand the convenience of storage of them in such way; the ability to manipulate them directly from a file level [giving this way ability to copy / manipulate them in a way the software itself does not allow for]. But imagine if in any other software you go to some window with some specific options, look at them, change them a little- but ultimately decide, you do not need any of those changes [or want to make a copy of settings first before potentially messing things up]. But you find out, that the changes have been already made and accepted, disregarding your order of CANCEL- would that not make you angry or at least astounded?

I still do not see a something only partially functioning.
I am fine to get a message box whether I want to delete and where pressing Cancel aborts the deletion.
Renaming can be cancelled while still in edit mode and pressing Escape.
I do not need belt, braces, button and parachute.
Perhaps the delete function could be modified in such a way that it deletes files to the Recycle bin instead of immediately.
The buttons - and this is what the bug report refers to - work fine IMHO.

If this is not a bug or extremely not-user-friendly behavior, then I would like to point everybody's attention to the fact that Columns are not stored as files- and probably because of that they do can be CANCELed without a problem. What is then so dangerous about Columns that we needed a safe button for them in the first place and for for exports we did not [and as I guess we will not get]?

All in all, Mp3tag various options are unfortunately highly inconsistent:

  • Main options: user can cancel all changes
  • Columns options and entries: user can cancel all changes
  • Actions options and entries: user can cancel operations on individual actions within one group [except a clearing of a list of tag fields available for a "Field" box], but cannot cancel tasks done on groups
  • Exports options and entries: user cannot cancel changes aside from two check-boxes

I'd rephrase the whole report in that way, that the Cancel for the export configuration window doesn't work as you'd like it or even expect it to be working.

I understand that usability can be improved here and investing time in reworking this dialog is not one of my current priorities. The topic is marked as [X] No Bug because I also don't see buggy behavior there.

Please make sure that your posts contribute to the discussion on topic. Again, the Community FAQ gives some general pointers, especially the Keep It Tidy section.

And now it is clear to me

And so maybe this topic should just be moved from the bug section to the General Discussion?

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