[X] Handling of disc# / track# in MP4-file

If I enter 8/15 in the track field and 3/8 in the disknumber field, the values are correctly stored in the atoms.

But when I view the fields, only the track/disc# are displayed, not the "of" value.


The total tracks number is stored in the TOTALTRACKS field. MP4 tags have a dedicated field for this number since the actual track number field is numeric only.

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I suppose you mean that this dedicated field is the same as the last part of the "trck" atom.

My point was, that if you can enter the value "8/15" in the numeric track field and get it stored correctly in the "trck" atom, the same could be done in the opposite direction.
If totaltracks=0 then display only the track#, if not show track#/totaltracks.


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