[X] handling polish diacritical characters


Although Mp3tag is a great tool, it becomes useless when it comes to handling polish diacritical characters in tags and filenames.
The problems I have are as follows:

  • Mp3tag displays strange characters in place of polish characters in tag edition fields,
  • corectly entered in those fields polish characters are changed to incorect characters (squares),
  • changing filename according to a tag with polish diacritical characters results in wrong filenames (like with the two above issues to squares and other incorect characters).

It would be great to have Mp3tag handling my national characters without any problems, because it is very useful tool and I like it. I belive it will be no problem for you to correct this bug.

best regards,

Please try to enable Decode ISO-8859-1 tags using system codepage at Options > Tags > Mpeg.

This should solve your problem.

Best regards,
~ Florian

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