[X] Lyrics is prefixed with unwanted string

Through the extended fields editor, I add the field "UNSYNCEDLYRICS". Then I copy & paste the lyrics for that song. After pressing "OK", I return to the extended tag overview and all looks fine (see attachment "MP3Tag (1).png":


Then I press "OK" and return to the MP3tag main window. Looking at the lyrics in the "Lyrics" column, I find it prefixed with the string "eng||" (see attachment "MP3Tag (2).png").

It it is not possible to remove this string and to keep the lyrics, after each editing the prefix "eng||" is added again. The only way to get rid of it is to remove the entire tag.

I have previously added lyrics to other songs and not observed the effect. Could it be caused by portuguese characters in the lyrics (i.e. "ã" and "ç") ?

I am using version 2.45a and Windows XP SP3 (english).

This is the language identifier of the lyrics field which is not part of the lyrics but used inside the tag field.

It's not a bug. Instead, it provides the ability to change the language of the respective lyrics field through Mp3tag.

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