[X] metadata field "ITUNESOWNER" cannot be changed in 2.80


In v2.80 (current version) I noticed that if you try editing the metadata field "ITUNESOWNER" and save changes the value doesn't change at all.

I've checked this using iTunes (song's information box) and the HEX editor and actually the values remain the same (it's not been overwritten).

You can see this little bug by yourself trying to edit this metadata field of any .m4a iTunes file

Anyway I love this tool, nice job! :wink:

The ITUNESOWNER field actually refers to the ownr MP4 atom (search for this in your HEX editor). I've just ran some tests with v2.80 and it gets updated correctly.

What doesn't get updated is the DRM data that also references the name of the files' owner. I have no plans to mess with this data, since Mp3tag would then be very quickly on the grey-to-dark corner of the software spectrum :slight_smile:

Kind regards
– Florian

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