[X] Mp3tag reads some Slovak chars incorrectly

Mp3tag reads some special Slovak characters incorrectly (in ID3v2 tag only). When I want to change just one item (e.g. genre) it will replace also other items with incorrect characters.

Windows XP SP2, Mp3tag v2.33

Screenshots please.

OK, no problem:

The tags are probably stored in a system codepage instead of Unicode or ISO-8859-1. To convert these tags from a specific codepage to Unicode, simply create a :mt_act: new action Convert codepage, select the appropriate tag field and choose the codepage from the drop-down list.

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~ Florian

Could you explainmore please? What exactly I have to type there? I'd like to "fix" all songs at once.

Would it be possible to add an option "automatically convert "that" when files are loaded"?


If you convert your tags, then Winamp will probably not display the characters correctly anymore.
I've explained the matter here

OK, I'll check new version soon...

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