[X] Problem reading ID3v2 tags

After a long time I decided to upgrade from version 2.57 to 2.70 (yes I know, it is an 'oldy' but it did the job I needed it to do).
I opened a folder with mp3's which I updated with 2.57 some month's ago. After loading only the also embedded ID3v1 tags were recognized. The v2 showed a !BAD ID2v3 indication. Switching back to 2.57 the tags were read without error.
Tried to write some tags with other programs like Foobar2000. Opening them in 2.70 always shows the error where 2.57 read them without error.
After some extended testing it seems the error shows when cover art is available. Tried various settings for ID3v2.3 and 2.4 with different character encodings
Since I do not have other (intermediate) releases I can not check which version starts with the error.

No bug. Running newer version of mp3tag on wine needs version 1.7 of wine.

Are you using it with Wine under Linux?
There you have to update to 1.7.x and also update GDI.

Yep, using wine under Linux. Sorry to leave that part out. Currently running wine 1.4. An upgrade of wine will be an challenge. Tried that earlier (before 1.7) but other programs crashed. Will give it another try tomorrow and report back the result. For now thanks for the fast response.

A similar problem was reported in the German part of this forum:
!BAD ID3v2 nach Update von 2.51 auf 2.70

You will recognize the versions.
And also there is a script to update and install mp3tag.

Reading that thread is seems I do need the latest development version of wine. Since I am on Linux Mint DE that there are no 'easy' repositories available. I have to compile that version. For now that is a bridge to far. For the time being I stick to 2.57. At least I know what needs to be done to get a newer version working.

ohrenkino, thanks for your help so far.

Thus this can be filed as no bug.

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