YEAR extracting the TWO values

I have quite a few MP3s with two values set against the YEAR tag.

3 views that show what I mean.

  1. Select MP3 file and in the Tag Panel in the year field the following is shown "2013\\2013-11-22"
  2. In the Extended Tags I can see two instances of YEAR (2013 and 2013-11-22)
  3. In the Columns on the main screen I have specified YEAR to be %year% in both value and field BUT just 2013 is shown.

OK..I have tried merging the field, removing the field (in the hope the 2nd guy will remaim ;-))

I have tried using ALL the tag variations of year, releasetime, date extract the data (2013-11-22) but to no avail.

It MUST be mapped somewhere in the Extended Tags or is this internal to MP3Tag.

Anybody any idea how I can progress...



THe \\ indicate that you have got a multi-value field.
You an handle (merge) such a filed to just one with an action of the type "Merge duplicate fields".
Please take care that the separator that you can specify in this action is not "\\" as this would lead to multi-value fields again as MP3tag interprets the \\ as field separator.

Once you have merged the fields you can manipulate the contents in all the ways you want to.

Phew...that simple...Many many thanks !!!