Zero Numerical Values and can't copy any different information into tag - See Image

I am trying to format text based on filename into appropriate fields, but for all I do, it will not let me put any text-character into field. Here is a sample of the results of trying to format fields. Some fields format perfectly (as expected, and as many other files before have done) but some fields refuse to have any different values.

MP3Tag - "0" value when copying/formatting tag

I've now noticed this on many other files, but this is just an example. If I have missed how this is explained in a previous post, please forgive me. A link to the previous answer would be wonderful, and I appreciate your help. I'll figure it out from there if a link is sent.

If not, does anyone know how to fix this?

Oh, BTW, I tried to remove all field data from Microsoft Explorer, as well as MP3Tag. I've done all my pea-brain can think of.

Any help is immensely appreciated in advance.

What does the column definition of the unwilling field look like?
What do you see in the extended tags dialogue Alt-T?

See also

and please don't use

as tagging tool.

As far as I can see the filenames contain only the titles. How do you expect to get other content from the filename than the title?
Do you use the converter Filename->Tag and what does your format string look like?