Adding lyrics not working

I used to be able to add lyrics to songs using mp3tag, but no longer. I am going to extended lyrics, selecting unsyncedlyrics, typing in eng||, and then pasting in the lyrics from a text file. I save and close, remove the microSD card from the computer and insert it into the music player, start the music player (iBASSO DX150 running Poweramp)), the player automatically scans any files that are new or have had additions. No joy. When I click on lyrics, I get "No lyrics tag found in file". I do a complete scan of the entire music collection, same result. But other songs I have added lyrics to previously (same player, same directions followed, EVERYthing the same), the lyrics show.

Any thoughts?

If you assure us that everything is the same - then why should it stop working all of a sudden?
What does MP3tag show in UNSYNCEDLYRICS?
Is the field spelled correctly and not e.g. UNSYNCED LYRICS?
Have you compared an old file that works with a new one, that doesn't?
Is the file type the same as before? Or are these e.g. wav files?
Have you checked the new files for consistency with the linked tools?

If you feel that is over the top for you could you then supply a file that you have tagged?

Nothing has changed since I last successfully added lyrics. No new firmware on the DX150. Same version of Poweramp, no updates. Same computer, same version of Windows (but there has been a forced update there).
Yes, correct spelling of UNSYNCEDLYRICS.
Have compared several files with added lyrics to the ones I've tried to add in the last two days. I can spot no difference except in the lyrics themselves, ie. they all start with eng||
Files are all FLAC, no .wav files
No glitches in the payback of the files I added lyrics to.
I should note that other things that were changed or added on those files I was trying to add lyrics to (genre, composers, consistent spelling of band's name, etc.) all display correctly. It's just the lyrics that stubbornly won't display.
Again, older files I added lyrics to DO display, so I don't think the issue is with either the player or Poweramp.
I an easily supply a copy of a working file, and one of the problematic ones. Do I do that here using the upload icon at the top of the composition window?

So if you try to edit one of these files that has existing lyrics that was already working, are those changes accepted and displays? If so, I would think there may be an issue with the latest files and formatting. But if these also cannot be changed successfully, maybe there is more to be considered. Sharing a file that is having issues could help resolve.

If you have a file hoster at hand then you can remove the files from the public once the issue is solved.

Here is a link to a non-working file that I tried again this morning. It was purchased from Qobuz yesterday, and edited last night and this morning. Non-working file

I loaded the file into Foobar2000 with a lyrics plugin and it showed the lyrics.
I also checked the file integrity in that program and it reported that everything is OK.

So it would now be interesting if the old flac files have something like stacked tags like flac tags and ID3 tags.
So I think that the files are what the results show: OK.
There is nothing more that MP3tag can do.

Thanks for giving it a go

I am also able to see all of the tags, including the UNSYNEDLYRICS in mp3tag. And playing on Windows PC with MusicBee I can see the lyrics as well.

Thanks for giving it a go... still no joy here.

Check in mp3tag Options>Tags to make sure the box for preserve modification date is NOT checked. If this is not changed, then Poweramp will not see a change to the file, and thus no update.

Says 'Preserve file modification time' not date, but it's not checked in any case.....

So it is a player problem?

I would believe the first part - but is it also true that the player recognizes changes in files that it has imported before?
Is there a way to manually force it to re-scan?
Would it help to delete and rebuild the player cache?
Or would it help to rename the file slightly so that the player thinks it is a new file?

All previous changes, plus others that do not relate to lyrics, are recognized and retained by the player (which is running Poweramp v3).
Yes, manual rescans re possible, and I have done those, twice.
The manual rescan deletes the old database and builds a new one.
I will try renaming the file.
Thanks for the suggestions,

One more thing:
could you load one of the old flac files, one that worked, and check the title of the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) whether it shows just FLAC as tag version and not (also) ID3V2.3?
Also, could you compare the extended tags dialogue and its fields between a new and an old file?

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Sorry, was working from memory on that one, messed up the date/time language.

I have Poweramp v3 on a device here, I will try it and let you know if it is working for me. I don't usually use lyrics, so nothing to compare it with otherwise.

Edit: @Bookbear OK something strange. First, I have an iBasso DX160, so we are using a similar Android-based player platform.
I was unable to view the lyrics in your FLAC file using Poweramp v3. However I typically use ALAC in my library, since I also have to deal with some iDevices in the family. If I convert this file to ALAC (I use dbPoweramp), that file will play and does display the lyrics. I also have GoneMAD player on this same device, and it too will not display the FLAC lyrics, but does show the ALAC ones. So it is definitely something in the metadata of this file, and not in the player since two different apps have the same results. I don't know if this is something to do with mp3tag though. Using the extended tag editor, both files do have the contents of UNSYNCEDLYRICS filled in with the same data.

So it would be interesting to see a FLAC file that worked on the player.

BTW: Changing the file format is no real proof that the metadata has something strange as support for various file and tag formats varies from player to player. E.g. windows used to display only tag data from fields that resemble the old ID3V1 standard, so left out ALBUMARTIST and other fields.
So it would not be astounding, if a field was ignored by players that use the same kind of libraries for a particular file format.
That is why I would like to see a working FLAC file.

I would agree with this outlook in most cases. But ALAC is generally the more problematic format when it comes to compatibility, whereas FLAC tends to get all the support and flair. What is strange to me though, is I simply did a straight conversion, and did not have to edit the metadata at all. These lyrics simply display as expected in the newly created ALAC file, but do not appear from the original FLAC. I can't offer any further support, other than to confirm this with the same player that the OP is using, plus another on the same OS platform.

The extended tags dialog and fields are the same, in that they both show largely the same fields, including UNSYNCEDLYRICS.
if a field isn't used, it won't show, correct? If I didn't use, say, the LYRACIST tag, it wouldn't show at all, not just show but be empty?
I did the Alt-T thing, but I do not see anything showing tag version. In Options/Tags/Mpeg/Write, Mp3tag has both ID3V1 and ID3V2 boxes checked.

You see the tag information in the dialogue title.
The tag options for read, write and delete only apply to ID3 tags of MP3 files.
And yes: tag fields that are not filled with data are not present in the files, so there is nothing to display.