Adjust Cover ; how where.?

I have just loaded v. 3.0 for windows and now mystified where to find the button " adjust cover " ?

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If you know that there is a new function "Adjust cover", I am sure that you have read in

" Action "Adjust cover" to resize cover art

Many hardware players have certain limitations on the size of cover art and then it's sometimes just nice to scale down this 10000x10000 cover to a reasonable size. You can also use this action type to convert from JPEG to PNG or vice versa. It's quite handy and I hope it improves your workflow."

It's an action

  • I understand it is an action, but I see no button named " adjust Cover " in the " Action " menu ?
    Where is this little illusive button ?


Perhaps it is time to have a look at the "HowTos" and

and sometimes even the help helps:

FYI, I've also added the option to adjust the cover to the right-click menu of the cover window with Mp3tag v3.00a.

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