Adjust tag information panel: Choose the height too? Maybe some WSS header info?

Thank you for the latest very useful change with the "Adjust tag information panel" in Mp3tag v3.12c @Florian. This will let the websource script developers reduce the amount of SET commands at the end of every WSS. :wink:

Could you please consider to let the user choose the height of the Metadata part inside of the panel too?
I have marked such an additional "grip" in the red box. It should work like the existing "grip" for the width in the green box, but should let us adjust the height.

In this example you can see, why it would be useful to see more of the activated Metadata tags then for the 5 Tracks.

Another suggestion would be to show some information about the script itself in the header.
Currently, the information text "Adjust tag information" seems to be redundant. What about showing the name of the used WSS, maybe even with some version information (like you do it in the main Mp3tag windows header)?


It was quite a challenge to implement this and I'm happy to introduce this with Mp3tag v3.12f.

It usually shows the artist and album information and in your example, there was no such information available. I've now changed it to also show the script name.


JUST GREAT! :pray:

Looks really good: :+1:


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