After editing, tracks won't play on devices

I use several devices to play music, including Denon's HEOS and Roku's Media player.

I editing the tracks in two folders, basically prepending the track number to the titles. After editing, HEOS and Roku both do not recognize that there is playable content in those folders. They did before I edited!

Also, they play on my PC using Groove or Media Player. They're pretty run of the mill mp3 files.

Never seen this before. Any idea?

You could look at this thread:

Or here:

thanks. After rebooting the server and waiting a while, things are working again. I suspect this was a OneDrive synch problem. Even though I was updating the versions on the PC, it had to get everything resynched before it would allow these apps to see the files.

But I needed those links that Florian posted to MP3Diag, so that's great to get.

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