Automatic Playlist Creation

I would like to see a feature built into Mp3tag that allows me to create a playlist automatically for every album in my music folder. For example, I'd like to be able to create a playlist in every album folder named "Album Name.m3u". The ability to change how the playlist is sorted would be nice too.

Wow, I was just coming to post the exact same idea. Actually, I thought the feature might be there and I was just missing it. But yeah, Folder Name.m3u for each subfolder with mp3 files in it would rock.

BTW, MP3Tag has been indispensable to me for getting my files organized. Great job Florian!

Edit: Just noticed you can enable Automatic Playlist creation for when you modify an mp3 file and name it according to a format string, you can even make it not prompt you. If you go into a directory with mp3s you can click on a file and click save (no need to modify) and it will create the playlist correctly. Still, a tool to automatically do this recursively for all subdirs would be nice.

You can use the [Ctrl+Shift+P] keyboard shortcut, to recursively create playlists according to the format string at Options, Playlist for each subfolder. Please note that the files in Mp3tag's file view have to be sorted by directory.

If you want Mp3tag to create the playlists in the appropriate subfolders, you have to use a format string like
%_directory%\%artist% - %album%.m3u

Hope this helps!

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~ Florian

Thanks Florian! CTRL+SHIFT+P works great.

Can any of you please explain to me in greater detail what I have to do in order to do this?

I'm completely new to this program and I really need to automate this playlist creation process because I have over 1000 albums and only a few of them have playlists in their respective folders. And I can't be arsed to do one at a time.

I tried with putting what you said in the Options, Playlist but I don't understand what is meant by: "Please note that the files in Mp3tag's file view have to be sorted by directory."

It didn't work for me after I loaded my mp3 dir and pressed CTRL-SHIFT-P. It wanted to make a playlist out of all my files instead for each individual subfolder. :confused:

EDIT: never mind, I figured out what to do. Wicked program!

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yo did you not see that button? man you have no idea how many times i've used that thing, and the export button, and everything else. i love this program!! i seriously spend way too much time using it!!

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my most sincere apologies

This works - one .m3u in each directory.
One qustion, one issue: :slight_smile:
Question: Can i use the name of the directory as filename for .m3u?

Issue: As the .m3u is alredy in the directory, I just need the filenames in the .m3u. But mp3tag 2.73 generate lists either with filenames relative to work dir or with full path...

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Instead of
%_directory%\%artist% - %album%.m3u
you can use

If you want a special m3u, use the export function to generate a playlist with just the format you need.

The automatic playlist creation or see setup in tools>options> and tick 'write extended information' is not working the latest version 2.73a. I have entered %artist% - %album% to create the playlist name from but all is filename 'mp3tag.m3u'. It's my first time on the forum so I hope I'm in the right location, thanks

It does.
The extended information is that what is written in the m3u file.
If you want a different filename, you have to go down further in the dialogue to the dropdownlist for the m3u filename and enter it there.
the data for any entered variables is taken from the first file in the selected files.

Thank you very much. Now sorted. Cheers

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