Beep when saving changed tags

I became used to MP3TAG beeping whenever I saved changed tags, but effective with version 3.00 it is eerily quiet. I want my beep back!

I think I found the responsible change in the change log Mp3tagVersion.txt"
[2019-12-04] CHG: disabled notification messages after changing, removing and saving tags by default.

If I am right, now I know what caused the silent treatment. Next question, how do I re-enable said notifications?

Philosophically, I think that whenever a former feature is made optional, the feature should be enabled by default (putting the burden on users who want to change things rather than those who want to keep them the same). But then again, I don't get to make all the decisions for MP3TAG.

 - Rich

You get a visual notification along with the beep!
notifications in Mp3tag

Perfect, thanks! I knew it had to be easy!

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see also this thread with an official statement about the change:

Luckily, it already was optional before, and it was just the default setting that has been changed (and rightfully so). One could argue, though, whether this should only affect new installs but not updates or existing installations.