Bug or Not bug after conversion flac to mp3 with VLC?

Hello I'm french user and my "english" is bad.
I have a problem with Tag.
When I copy Tag, it's ok on Mp3Tag but not on Windows Explorer.
See join file.
I work on Windows 10.
Could you help me.

Please show us a screenshot from ALT + T for your track "01 - Bonjour au revoir.mp3"

If a bug then a bug in the WIndows explorer?
Please check your files for integrity:

When I copy Tag from Flac track to Mp3 Track (In this case track 1) the information on Mp3Tag is correct for mp3.
But not in file properties (See windows explorer).

If someone speaks French it would be easier for all. :slight_smile:

Have you checked the integrity of the files with the linked tools?
Also, a screendump of the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) would be nice,

With MP3 Diags : no error on file "01 - Bonjour au revoir.mp3"

I doubt that ...
as even the window title of the extended tags dialogue shows "Error: MP3 header parse error".
Make sure that the MP3 file is OK - check the file again with MP3diags and MP3val.

I'm sorry. Many errors

Mp3 files have been converted from Flac files with VLC application.
Maybe that's where the problem comes from ?

Thank you for testing again.

Yes, most likely.
You could try to convert the files again,
test them before you tag them
and then see whether there are any errors.
If so, you know that the conversion causes the problem.
It also looks as though there is a corrupt header as well - MP3val says: no mp3 file.

I tried again to convert from Flac to Mp3 with VLC.
The resulting file from this new conversion doesn't work (No sound).
I think that the problem come from VLC and/or the way used for this conversion.
I will look at VLC to try to understand where the problem is.

If I found the problem, i update this post with the resut.

Thanks for your help.

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You could try lamedropXPd instead, very easy to use und also works with flac-files.

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Don't forget to right click on the lamedropXPd drag & drop landing zone at the first start and configure it to your needs. :wink:

I will try in the near futur.Thank :wink:.

OK thanks for the information.

Mp3Tag works correctly.
The problem came from parameters used by VLC. I hadn't controlled these paramters.
Sorry for bothering you and thanks for your help.

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