Cannot edit files

My files cannot be opened for editing. When I open the program, it very quickly loads all my data. It used to take a long time, but then I could edit it. Is this new speed connected to my problem? I was very happy at first when it loaded quickly, but I will gladly go back to waiting 10 or 15 minutes if that will solve my editing problem.

Could you be a little more specific and follow first these hints:

and then it would be useful if you told us what you have done and what the outcome of the steps was.

I'm not sure how much information I can actually give, but I'll try.

I click on the Mp3tag icon on my desktop. It loads all my files within seconds, when before -- when the program worked for me -- it took 10-15 minutes.

I edit a file, but when I try to save it, I receive the message "File cannot be opened for writing."

I saw an item in here about enabling the library, so I went into Tools and clicked that. It made no difference.

The library speeds up of loading previously loaded files.
It has nothing to do with editing files.
So: have you checked your files for integrity?
Did you get them from some kind of conversion web site?
And the link I provided asks a lot more questions which I would have to ask here anyway so it would speed up things if you could take the effort and clarify these things first.

Okay, I will dig into the questions and see what I can do. But we might as well deal with the big issue first. If I only understand half of what I'm reading here, should I just accept that this program is not for me? Your users appear to have more knowledge than I do.

I am loading my cd collection into the BluSound Vault 2i. Apparently more by luck than design I was able to use mp3tag for about a month, with all the files in the Vault showing up on mp3tag, and editable. I was delighted. Then one day I could no longer edit, I got the "file cannot be opened for writing" message; I don't think I'm doing anything differently.

Then I had heart bypass surgery two weeks ago, and today I thought I'd tackle this while just sitting here. I've got time during my recovery to work on it, but like I said I don't know that I understand enough to even follow directions. But I'll go look at things while you're reading this. Sorry if I'm wasting your time.

You are only wasting time if we have to repeat all the steps that are described in the linked post.
What kind of files are we talking about?
What about access rights?
Does this happen only on your network drive or also on a built-in drive?
Does this happen only to new files or are also old files affected?
What does the length column show in MP3tag?

Okay. I'm wasting your time. I can't answer your questions.

What kind of files are we talking about? -- No idea what you're asking here

What about access rights? -- No idea what they are

Network drive or built drive -- ???

New files or old files? -- All files. But now there are three states: the old files that I edited; the files I added before I went into the hospital that I've never been able to edit; new files I've added to the Vault since I've been home that are not showing up in mp3tag at all. It's getting less usable all the time.

Length column -- that's fine

Obviously this program is too complicated for me, and I'm just going to have to give up on it. At least for a month I was able to make changes on here that corrected some Vault data, data that still shows the corrections I made. I don't know what has changed with my access to your program, but there doesn't seem to be an easy fix, and an easy fix is all i can handle.

thanks for trying to help.

Kinds of files are wav, mp3, flac, mp4 - those types.
The "vault" is a network drive I assume - so you would have to grant access to the user who should edit the files.

Length column: missing values in this column indicate problems with these files.

If you load files but you don't see any (or fewer) of them in the file list, it could be that you have entered (unintentionally) a filter.
But as you are apparently not willing any more to get to the root of it all for the time being.
Do come back if you have further questions..

Seems like a continuation of

The topic also contains a link to a Bluesound support document

The description of "loading very fast" and "nothing is listed" seems to be related to the network drive not being connected anymore and Mp3tag, thus, not loading any files.