Cannot write tags on m4a files from the same source


I have got some m4a files from the same source. Some are editable, some are not.
I think the error message is way too generic. Something like "Cannot write tags to file "Foo.m4a" in folder "bar"".
I think it doesn't help to resolve the issue and as a trial is not so promising.
If you have logs, why don't you put a reference to them so that one may try to find a solution?


What has happend on the way between the source and your target?
There are a number of threads that deal with write problems to m4a files.
Perhaps you find indicators that help you to overcome your problem. Just as examples:

I, those were already provided in the suggestions list while writing the new topic. No solution was found.
My point is that maybe a log can help. A generic message is not helping at all.

So this is a feature request for a log and you do not need any further assistance to overcome the acute problem?

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Can you maybe provide one file as an example? I can then try to analyze it and see if I can improve the error message in those cases. There is no log for that at the moment.

However, most of the time it's a stream written by a faulty encoder, where even a error message would be of much help because of the very technical nature of the issue.

@Florian sure I can. But I can't upload one, there is a restriction on the maximum upload file size. So I had to created a dropbox link Dropbox - mp3tag - Simplify your life

Foobar says about the file with the name "notWorking.m4a": Unable to open item for playback (Unsupported format or corrupted file (invalid or incomplete data)). So that file does not even play.

@ohrenkino oh curious, I can play it (e.g. with vlc). I can also use an online converter to change it to mp3 or aac

Thanks for the example file. One indication that something might be a little bit off with that file is, that there are no information fields displayed (e.g., length or bitrate).

I've had a look at the file and it's a WebM file (not an M4A file). The fact that it's working with a different program/service means, that they have either less strict analysis of the file's content (which would result in garbage output) or use format-detection not based on the file extension but on the file's contents.

Ok. Got it. As I mentioned before, they are both generated using the same tool, not sure why they ended up having different content. But you are right, Apache Tika reports one as a video/webm file (the one not working) and the other as video/mp4.
Thanks for supporting.
Not sure which language you used to implement the tool, but in Java I would have used Apache Tika to provide some media type detection and provide some user feedback. E.g. "*Cannot write tags to file "Foo.m4a" in folder "bar": the media type is WebM while file extension is M4A, WebM files are not supported.
Then maybe one would have the option to find a converter (or you could think about adding one in your software).

Which tool were you using for that? Producing WebM with a M4A file extension is clearly an issue worth noting.

I'm using C++ for Mp3tag, so no Apache Tika for me. I'm also a little hesitant to implement workarounds for bugs in other software (except for Windows Explorer and iTunes — those are beyond hope). I prefer fixing the original issues, that's I'm asking about the the tool you've used.

@Florian sorry for the late answer. It's an online tool, I actually don't know it by heart, but it could be, so not worth investing more on it.

Don't go for workarounds. For sure providing a better message may help a little bit, but if there are unbearable technical issues then it is not worth it.