Can't open erroneous M4A file for writing

Hello --- I just was updating the comment tag in directory of files --- 38 in total files -- the files are apple format -- *.m4a --- all the comment tag was updated on all the files except for one file.

I check that the "cacls" are set to everyone (f) --- the r/o flag for the file it not set, and I copies the files to us usb drive and I still could not write / update the file ---- Is there a log that might have more information on why the file is lock out to be updated? Thanks

There are several topics already open about this, see this one for some good pointers on potential ways to fix it.

thanks for the info but I think that this is some sort of edge condition --- how can I post the *.m4a file to the group?

Before you spend any more effort: where and how did you get the file and can you replace it with another copy and check that one.
Esp. when it is a download, it could be that something went wrong along that way.

Further notes can be found in

Use used software call switch (from nch) to convert a FLAC file to M4A ( ALAC) format

here is a link to the M4A file

Yes, I also get the message.
When I try to edit the tags in foobar, it also fails.
So, I would try to get a new conversion of that file.

thanks for confirming that --- is there an options / fags for a M4A file that will lock it for updates?

I thought that you had created it yourself - so you should know what the process involved.
But as foobar also reports that it cannot update the file, I would assume that really something has seriously gone wrong.

It seems like it has a corrupt MP4 atom that prevents the file from being processed further. You can fix it using ffmpeg with

ffmpeg -i input.m4a -c copy output.m4a

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